Changing the way stories are told.

Connected Sparks is a next generation toy, media, and edtech company. Our mission is to help children, parents, and educators discover and design the world around them.

Stories can be transformative. At Connected Sparks we are taking an innovative approach to story and rooting it in 21st educational and digital literacy themes. We develop story-driven learning platforms that educate, entertain, and inspire.


Lyka, a little robot with a big heart, needs your help. Her home planet, Ahmee, is withering away. The only way to save Ahmee is to teach Lyka anything and everything about the world around you. Together you’ll travel the world on amazing adventures as you determine what she should learn, where she goes next and who she’ll meet. Your imagination is her roadmap. Along the way you’ll connect with other children around the world as you work together to help her regenerate planet Ahmee.


What people are saying.

  • “Could become something of a model for education… exposing participants to critical thinking skills and structured creativity that students will need to be successful.”

  • “One of the top five social good / educational startups to watch.”

    via MASHABLE
  • “Lyka’s little adventure could be the next big innovation in how kids learn across platforms.”


 Lance Weiler is a co-founder of Connected Sparks and is responsible for overall company vision and strategy. Lance is the Director of Experiential Learning & Applied Creativity at Columbia University, sits on a steering committee for the World Economic Forum on the future of education and has worked on initiatives that mix storytelling, tech and social good.


 Janine Saunders  is a co-founder of Connected Sparks and leads product and operations. Becoming a mother has intensified her commitment to make Lyka’s Adventure the most amazing and memorable toy in a child’s life.


 Atley Loughridge is a co-founder of Connected Sparks and Reboot Stories. She authors the Lyka’s Adventure books and designs the app experience.


Susie Kavanaugh is currently completing her masters in Cognitive Studies in Learning at Columbia University. Susie reviews and collaborates with the team on product design and media to ensure the experience is promoting collaboration, innovation, design, and imagination.

 Teymour N. Sursock works on Lyka’s Adventure as a producer. He is also a culture hacker & collaborative storyteller+designer w/ a master’s degree in Media Studies and Media Management from The New School, NYC.


Vilas Dhar is a serial social entrepreneur and investor. At Connected Sparks, Vilas advises the company’s go to market strategy, growth plans, and overall management. Vilas is internationally recognized as an expert on integrating social conscience into professional businesses, and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper.

Robert Gosselin is the CTO of Connected Sparks and also the Founder of WE_ARE, the digital studio in Montreal that designs all interactive components for Connected Sparks. Robert has been working on interactive design for over 15 years and now manages a team of over 30 developers, designers, and programmers.

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