All That You Want to Know About Payday Loans:


Payday loans are known as one of the best short-term loan solutions because they are convenient, especially when a borrower needs money in a hurry. One of the amazing facts that you will know about the country is that in the 1980s, the payday loan business began to pop up. It has quickly become very common. Then in the year 2017, there were approximately more than 14K payday lenders, out of which the best one is the Slick Cash Lenders, who also give payday loans. Apart from all of that, online payday lending has become popular with the inception of the internet. Payday loans are easy loans, and you can get quick payday loans from slick cash lenders.

Take Payday Loans-

You can easily take payday loans no credit check from the lenders at Slick Cash. It is also important for you to know what a payday loan is. It is a kind of alternative fiscal service that offers fast cash to fulfil an emergency situation or assist the borrower’s expenses from one pay check to the next. Aside from that, payday loans are a type of unsecured loan with a short repayment period and are commonly referred to as pay day loans due to the loan duration, which corresponds to the borrower’s pay schedule. A full amount of the loan, including fees, also known as a “balloon payment,” is generally due on the loanee’s next payday after the loan is made.

Basic Loan Structure-

Besides all of that, the loans that are generally granted are up to $500 or less, and they come due within 2 to 4 weeks after the borrower gets the loan. The length of the loan varies depending on the borrower’s pay schedule and, or how the income is received – so it could be for one month, two weeks, or one week. The basic structure of the online payday loans is the same as that of the shopfront loans. Plus, the only exception is that all the transactions and communications are done online. This comprises the loan application and the agreement for a lender to electronically make a withdrawal from the checking account of the borrower.

 No Collateral Needed-

Aside from that, like other traditional loans, this loan does not require any collateral or a specific credit score for payday loans. Also, one of the good things that you will know about the pay day loan process is that credit reports and scores are not included as a part of the loan process. To get a payday loan, the borrower should meet the following requirements: have a prepaid card account or a bank account i.e., credit union; then they should have proof of verification of income from any source, either business or job; have a valid ID; and be 18 years of age or older.

Options for Repaying

Besides all of that, there are several different repayment options for payday loans. One of the options needs a loanee to give a post-dated cheque. In that case, a check is written for the entire or full amount borrowed, including fees and interest for the loan. The lender at payday will hold the cheque till the time the loan is due, i.e., the loanee’s next pay day. If the loanee or the borrower does not pay the lender the loan or renew the loan, then at that point the lender can cash the cheque.