Author: Rashawn Kuhn


Indoor Golf Simulators

Perhaps you’ve seen these machines at your local arcade or local restaurant or tavern.  These machines look like an old-school projection screen setup for an external projection television set.  Why are these guys whacking golf balls into this screen?  Seems like a lot of fun, right?  The indoor golf simulator has been around for the […]

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A Guide on the Best Braking Kits You Can Buy

The first necessary thing to make a vehicle road ready is installing a proper braking system in the vehicle. Wondering what the definition of a proper braking system is? If yes, then here it is – a proper braking system has rust proof braking pads and high performance rotors and calipers that support a smooth […]

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Can You Keep Your Car After You File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy may stop repossessions, depending on the kind of bankruptcy you file and how fair into possessions you are. If your creditor has been threatening you with repossession and you don’t want to lose your property, consult a Charleston, WV bankruptcy lawyer right away. Your attorney can assess your situation and help you […]

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