Best iSoftBet slot games online

iSoftBet are a well liked casino game provider. Whilst they do not solely release slot games, this is what most players recognise them for – check out isoftbet now.

Who are iSoftBet?

iSoftBet are a casino and slots slot game provider, they specialise in fun and engaging games that all players can enjoy. iSoftBet are well known amongst players, thanks to the high quality of slot releases and casino games over the years. The company tries to develop games which have not been created before, leading them to experiment with things that other developers normally would not. One thing that sets iSoftBet apart from other slot developers is their willingness to be responsible, they prioritise player safety, ensuring that their games encourage players to be responsible gamblers. The company makes an effort to responsibly advertise and market their titles, as well as implement several safety measures to ensure players are not at risk from hackers and thieves. 


iSoftBet may be popular with players thanks to the variety of games that they offer but this can sometimes be an issue too. Mainly because there is too much choice made available to players. The following are the best slots that players can use from this provider. 

  1.  The Ruby – This slot is a great game to play, mainly due to its very generous RTP of 98%, this promises to be a slot to use if you are looking for a win. Beyond that, the slot theme is also very engaging, offering a classic fruity slot adventure that players will love.
  2. Shaolin Spin – This slot is also very generous, with an RTP of 97%. It also offers a unique theme that players will enjoy, as the name implies this slot is all about kung fu! Players will also love the fact that there are over 200 different paylines. 


Although they are well known amongst players, iSoftBet are a slot and casino game provider that offer many advantages to players that they will not be aware of. Despite the fact the provider has been around for years, many players simply do not know about the amazing benefits they can offer. 

  • Responsible – One thing that makes iSoftBet stand out from others is the fact that they are very responsible, they prioritise the safety of players through their commitment to be a responsible provider. They make sure to market their titles in a way that does not have any cross appeal and try to ensure maximum safety for players. In the world of online gaming, trust between a player and the provider can be invaluable.
  • Variety of games – Using the iSoftBet provider will mean that the player has a huge choice of games. They are well versed in slot gaming but beyond that, there are many casino and table based games for players to enjoy such as roulette and poker.

Final Thoughts

iSoftBet are well known for releasing slot games with a generous RTP and unique themes, players also enjoy them because of the variety available.