Can You Get Long-Term Injuries From A Car Accident? 

Nobody is ever prepared for a car accident. The physical and emotional injuries after a car accident may not recover completely and stay with you for several years or your entire life. The recovery after a car accident starts as soon as the victim receives medical attention. Still, the severity of the injury determines the time required for healing.

Car accidents are also much more common than you probably think, with each country sharing their own alarming statistics around the likelihood of getting into an accident. Check out these road accident statistics from Singapore as an example.

When trying to get compensation in case of long-term injuries after a car accident, a victim needs to consider several things before demanding their settlement. Your lost future income, medical expenses, lost wages, and other factors will play a vital role. An Indiana car accident lawyer can help the victim calculate the settlement amount and negotiate with the insurance company.

Long-term physical effect. 

After the car accident, the victim may suffer from several injuries, including fractures, spine injuries, loss of limb, and head injuries. An example of the long-term effect of physical damage has been mentioned below. 

  • Injury to the spinal cord. 

A spinal cord injury can lead to loss of function, sensations and even in severe cases it can lead to paralysis. 

  • Fractures. 

A broken bone may take a lot of time to recover completely. In some cases victims never recover successfully. 

  • Soft tissue injuries. 

Damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments can lead to immobility or difficulty in performing some functions. 

  • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding. 

Damage to lungs, heart, kidneys or any other can can be deadly and may lead to long term complications. 

Long-term emotional effect.

The car accident victim can suffer from emotional injuries that make the victim’s daily life stressful and difficult. A victim may suffer from anxiety, depression, behavioral changes, and more. Professional help is required for victims dealing with emotional stress. One such effect has been mentioned below. 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. 

PTSD is a major concern when it comes to mental effects, professional help is highly advised to help victims. 

  • Major depressive disorder. 

Depression is another issue that victims of a car accident frequently face.

Dealing with physical injuries is quiet easy and straightforward, while dealing with mental injuries can be tricky and take a lot of time. 

How can a lawyer help? 

A professional lawyer can help with negotiation, legal proceedings, and several other legal aspects. They can get the victim a fair settlement for their injuries, future medical bills, and other bills paid in recovery. Contacting a lawyer will also help the victim lessen their burden by taking care of all the documents required when filing a claim.