Creative Ways to Display Photobooks at Home

Making a photobook is a creative and challenging endeavor. However, after finishing the books, you have to choose where to place the creations. Once you have several photobooks, it is a great idea to decide where you will display them.

You will not be doing yourself any favors by creating excellent books and hiding them in some corner. It would be best to put them somewhere visible to contribute to the room’s décor. The following are several ways to display the books at home:

Invisible Shelves

For most homes, shelves are prominent features that allow owners to take advantage of the vertical spaces in their homes. However, it is possible to make shelves that appear invisible to the naked eye. Small and strategically placed shelves that are the same color as the wall look almost nonexistent.

Such shelves are awesome places for you to showcase any photobook. For starters, the shelves will automatically attract attention to anyone who sees them, and they will, in turn, cause people to pick up whatever is on the shelves. The illusion of floating books in a room in your house is fantastic, which will not only save you space but prevent you from covering any surface with a photobook.  


You can have furniture specifically made for your photo books, and you can make it as creative as you want. You should particularly make a piece of furniture for your books if you have enough of them to fill a cabinet or cover a surface. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money where you could otherwise be frugal.

Evaluate various designs that would make storage and retrieval of the books as easy as possible. You should also consider the aesthetic appeal of the furniture as you should design it, so it attracts attention. Once people admire the furniture, they will undoubtedly want to know what it holds.

Color Coordination

When you print a photo book, you have to choose a color scheme for it. When you print enough of them, you will have to add other colors to create variety. Therefore, coordinating their various colors will be a fantastic way to showcase them when displaying the books.

All you have to do is group the books into similar colors. The colors could represent a theme; for example, vacation books could be blue while birthday books could be white. It will add to the room’s visual aesthetic if you can coordinate the various colors.

Decorative Props

You probably have other decorative props in your living room. You can add your books to the space and showcase them in tandem with the other decorative props in your space. The books have to be few, or else they will overcrowd the various props already present.

Some of the decorative props you can showcase your books alongside include clocks, ornaments, plants, and antiques. Ensure you get the spacing and the placement right, or else you risk ruining the entire room’s décor.

Showcasing your books is not as easy as putting them on a table. Though you can do that, it would be better to be creative with the display. Use the above tips, and you will attract attention to the books with the display.