Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras are making a comeback – A guide for camera-lovers

Disposable cameras are user-friendly cameras that come with in-built black & white film or colored film and which have no exposure or focus controls. These cameras are designed to be used just once by the photographer. You can take a maximum of 25-27 shots with these cameras and once you’re done, you have to send the negatives to be processed. Due to the cheap materials with which these cameras are built, the images produced are usually high-contrast, bright, sharp and highly saturated.

If you’re wondering why the word ‘disposable’ is used in the name of this camera, well, it is because these cameras are made out of materials like paper, plastic, cardboard, and metal. The photographer even doesn’t take back the camera after processing the negatives. If you’re wondering about how to get disposable camera pictures digital, you’ve clicked on the right post. Keep reading to know more.

Valid reasons to keep a disposable camera in your kit

Disposable cameras are utilized as famous tokens for tourists and as wedding favors since they come pre-loaded with an in-built flash along with a film. Hence, even the novices can effortlessly document all the memories. Apart from reasons like traveling and partying, here are a few other reasons.

  • Disposable camera is perfect for casual shots

Are you on an assignment or you’ve been asked to do a professional photoshoot? You can pack a number of them for your crew members and allow them to have fun during photo shooting. These cameras are best for casual shoots.

  • Disposable cameras are used as great back-up

You never know when a photo opportunity might just come up and you have to take out your camera and start clicking. But what if you hurry up only to find that you’ve run out of film? This is when disposable cameras come in as they’re pre-loaded with film. Hence, you can be sure about catching the moment before it slips off your hand.

  • Disposable cameras give wings to your creativity

Since these cameras are extremely simple to use, you can randomly use them without having to plan anything. If you’re creative enough, you can give wings to your creativity as these cameras let you do all sorts of things unlike the costlier ones. You can take filters or scratch on the lens in order to create that textured effect or even apply petroleum jelly on the lens for creating a dreamy photo.

  • Disposable cameras can be reused

Hey wait, don’t toss away your disposable camera as soon as you’re done with clicking photos. Did you know that with very few changes, you can re-use it again for your next photoshoot? You just need to follow all re-use instructions carefully in order to successfully reuse it.

The practicality of disposable cameras makes them extremely commonplace in events like weddings. Not only that, they’re also great for beach vacations or camping trips where you don’t need to take extra care of your expensive camera.