Don’ts of a car insurance claims

A car crash can never be a good experience for anybody, but there are ways to mitigate the stress associated with the aftermath. Any experienced Tucson auto accident attorney will advise you on certain actions to take and avoid for the most advantageous claim process. You can read more about this, to enhance your understanding of the process and ensure you’re well-prepared should such an unfortunate incident occur.

This article is aimed at giving you information about the things that you should not do if you want to get the best claim possible. Let’s have a look.

No recorded statements until you understand everything

All the lawyers suggest that it is best for a person to understand every aspect of the coverage being offered by the insurance company before giving any recorded statement or a written statement. They must also not allow the insurance company to record any telephonic conversation.

Don’t sign anything without consulting

The insurance companies will try to get you to sign different types of releases or waivers and you must not feel pressured to sign it and get some expert legal advice before signing anywhere.

Don’t Ignore the fine print

Since you have faced big financial damage, you might feel the need to accept and sign anything that the insurance company offers, but you must be patient and read the fine print very carefully.

Don’t accept the loss appraisal automatically

The insurance company will try to get you to accept the appraisal of the losses done by people appointed by them which might be lower than the actual amount, so, you must not accept the quote without examining it thoroughly.

Don’t accept a “final payment” you are unsure about

You don’t need to accept any payment as final till the time you are not sure about it and deem it a fair amount for your damages. So, whatever the case may be, you must not accept any cheque as a final payment until you are satisfied with the amount.

Don’t second guess hiring a lawyer

The bottom line is that if you think that the negotiations are not going as you would have hoped for them to go, or you are not being heard by the company, you should not hesitate to hire a good lawyer because they are experts in dealing with these scenarios and will certainly be able to help you by getting you a claim that you prefer.