Easy Steps To Properly Clean Your Teeth 

Most people do not take their dental health seriously, which is why they also do not know how to brush their teeth properly. It may come off as surprising, but the simple act of brushing in the right way can prevent hundreds of dental diseases, including tooth decay and gingivitis. If you are not using the right toothbrush or technique, you are only wasting toothpaste. 

Learning the right way to clean your teeth is worthwhile. Taking a Bismarck dental exam from time to time can also ensure that your dental health is alright and whether there are any risks you should know about. It is recommended that everyone take a dental exam at least twice a year. 

Easy steps to properly clean your teeth

  • Buy the right toothpaste. 

If you have ever gone to the store to buy toothpaste, you may have seen many varieties there. Choosing toothpaste depends on your own preferences. However, make sure you buy from a reputable brand. Also, do not forget to check the ingredient list for fluoride. It is an essential component that helps prevent tooth decay. 

  • Use the right toothbrush. 

Your toothbrush plays a significant part in your dental health. Buying a soft-bristled toothbrush is often a safe choice for everyone. Vigorously brushing your teeth and gums with hard bristled toothbrushes can damage the protective tooth enamel, gums, and the root surface. Also, make sure to use one that reaches all of your teeth and is the right size. 

  • Brush in circles. 

One common mistake that many people make while brushing is brushing back and forth. The only correct way to brush your teeth is in circular motions. This way, you can clean your teeth and gums better. By brushing in circles, you are more likely to maintain a 45-degree angle of the toothbrush, which is important. 

  • Brush behind the upper front. 

The inside portion of your front teeth remains uncleaned if you only brush on the outside. This allows bacteria to grow. Direct the bristles toward the gum line to clean them. Repeat this three times to ensure they are properly cleaned. 

  • Replace old toothbrushes. 

You can buy a great toothbrush, but you won’t be able to keep it for long. It is recommended to replace toothbrushes every few months of use. Watch out for the signs of a toothbrush worn out, such as broken bristles or bristles that no longer stand straight. 

  • Clean your tongue. 

Toothbrushes may have the term tooth in them, but they are made for cleaning your tongue as well. Once you have cleaned your teeth and gums, make sure you clean your tongue to get rid of the rest of the bacteria.