Golfers Love These Top Items

For those new to the golf industry, where you are just a fan or someone looking to play, or maybe perhaps looking to get back into the game after some time away from the greens, the first step is to find the right equipment. When visiting a golf course and planning to do some swinging, it is best to know first what you should bring and what do most golfers have with them in every game.

These are the top items that every golfer loves and must have:

  1. Basic Clubs
  • This is where you should start as you are not a golfer if you don’t have one! There are several clubs that you will need including the putter, the pitching wedge, the sand wedge, the driver, the three, five, seven, and nine irons, and the three wood. Sounds like a lot but these are the minimum that most golf players need to play the game. In addition to that, it is also a must to have golf club covers.
  1. Golf Balls
  • There is a wide variety of balls you can find and buy on the market, including those that are specifically designed to aid driving distance, while others are designed to improve accuracy. For the newbies in the golf industry, purchasing a couple of boxes of golf balls to start is somehow imperative. Most of the golf players know that the first try in the course is likely to result in a few lost balls via hooks, slices and water hazards.
  1. Golf Bags
  • After a golf player purchased his first ever clubs, and set of golf balls, the question of where to keep all of them. Fortunately, there are plenty of golf bags on the market you can choose from, ranging from low-cost bags with basic amenities to intricate designs with pockets aplenty. Depending on the brand and store, there is an option to purchase a new set of clubs with a bag included. Looks like it might be the best practice, as it can often result in savings. You still have the penny for other golfing needs.
  1. Golf Shoes
  • Though is not really required on all courses, rubber-cleated golf shoes are beneficial to either new and experienced golfers alike. I recommend you getting shoes that will help you keep stable, flexible and balanced while you swing and on the putting green. This affects how you play so much. Golf specialty shops sell these types of shoes, as do most major sporting goods retailers. Always make sure to purchase a comfortable shoe and a pair that is easy to walk in so you can focus on your game.

Before taking a trip to the golf course, make sure to look up more information especially on what to bring and other whatnots. The list of the equipment and golf items is never ending. There is so much more if you think of it.

These are just the top ones and the first four that everyone will think of when they hear the word “golf”.