Helped Me Gain My Heart Health Back

Somewhere along the lines, my diet seemed to fall off track, and I was indulging in more than I should have. The majority of it was not healthy. It was easier and more convenient, as sad as that reality is. Packaged frozen foods, pre-made meals, and fast food made up a lot of my sustenance.

I went for my annual physical and not only had I gained a significant amount of weight and increased blood pressure, but my blood work showed that my cholesterol was higher than it should be. Before putting me on medication for all of this, they wanted me to try and tame it with a healthier diet and an exercise regime.

It was explained to me that all of this was increasing my risk for a heart attack or stroke. This scared me. It was just the wake up call I needed to kick me into high gear with my lifestyle change. I immediately began to research how I could make this work for me. I didn’t have a choice, but I needed it to be sustainable so I wouldn’t fall back into old habits.

I was speaking to my mom, and she said that if I wanted a way to simplify things for myself, that I could use her Cuisinart food processor. I did some research, and it turned out that this would be a very useful tool with getting things back on track. I agreed to give it a go.

On the downside, some of the pieces of her food processor were missing, including one of the most important parts- the chopping blade. A friend recommended KitchenWorksUSA to check out and see what they offered in terms of Cuisinart DLC-7 parts. I was in luck! I was able to order the blade, along with some other parts, including a dough blade and shredding and grating blades as well. This was looking like I’d get a lot of use out of this gadget.

I committed to one day a week of preparing food for the upcoming week. I was amazed with what I found in terms of recipes and healthy ones at that. I found a handful of recipes to start with, that I could freeze and use later if I needed. That was great, because I didn’t want everything going bad before I could actually eat it.

I was really happy with the first set of things I chose to try. It inspired me to try even more. I was actually enjoying this. It seemed like this was the right choice in terms of me sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I was definitely on the right track.

When I went for my next annual physical, I had lost a significant amount of weight, my blood pressure and cholesterol were back to normal, and my doctor was impressed. I was told to keep up whatever I was doing. At the rate things were going, I planned to. I’m so thankful for being introduced to the Cuisinart food processor. It quite possibly saved my life.