How to identify addiction in your surroundings?

Addiction is a serious problem in the country. This problem is, unfortunately, increasing as well. Recent surveys have found that the number of addicts in the country has increased past 21 million and most analysts are speculating that this number will continue to increase if no concrete action is taken. Our society needs to change its ways before any meaningful reduction can take place. Our society has taken to drugs, and they have become a common part of our daily lives. Alcohol and tobacco are both drugs that have been legalized, and this has contributed to the increase in the number of addicts in the country. Most people are habitual drinkers or smokers and as they continue to indulge in these “legal” drugs they get closer to trying out the harder drugs. Once they do, they can become addicted to them as well. Alcoholic drinks have become so common in the country that nearly every city block has a bar. Even large hotels and restaurants offer wines for their clients. Alcohol has become a de facto presence at nearly all social gatherings of people above the legal drinking age. Even though the country has a legal drinking age of 21 the rule is often overlooked due to the combined efforts of motivated teens and overworked store staff. With addiction continuing to rise it is common to have addicts in your vicinity, maybe even in your own family. The problem that arises here is how to identify an addict in a timely fashion so that you can decide the way to help them. Fortunately, some signs are common to nearly all addicts that can help you identify addiction in your surroundings.

Addiction can seriously change the way a human think. A person has various priorities, and they live their lives by abiding by these priorities. These can differ from person to person. A parent can worry about their children, a worker can worry about their job and a leader can worry about their country, but an addict does not function similarly. When they are in search of their next drug fix and are feeling the onset of drug withdrawal symptoms, they can end up committing crimes and harming innocents just to feed their addiction. In some cases, they might end up regretting what they did when they got sober and turn themselves in at the nearest police station. So, keeping an eye out for any drastic change in opinions and action can point to addiction. Most addicts also lose interest in their previous hobbies and even their work. Some addicts can leave their work or studies behind as they have lost interest in them. Even if they do not drop them outright the quality of their work can seriously drop.

Addiction is costly. Most abused drugs are banned in the country and to get access the addict has to pay the criminal gangs that often make and sell these drugs. This means that they blow through any disposable income they might have and start to spend money that is supposed to be for other things like bills and groceries. Seeing important things go unpaid can be a big red flag. After they spend their own money, the addicts can look for other means. Early in their addiction, they might not consider big crimes but can steal small items from their homes and pawn them off to raise money. They can also ask their friends and family members for small loans to feed their addiction.

Addiction is best treated as quickly as possible and to do so you need to catch addiction quickly. When you are convinced, get ready to stage an intervention. Visit this website to learn more about rehab and get help for setting up interventions.