How Would You Donate Your Mattress?

Just as your new mattress entered the house and you are ready to use it, a thought crosses your mind what you will be doing with your old one? It is very wrong to randomly dump your mattresses, owing to the levels of hazard it can pose to the environment. With over 50,000 mattresses getting disposed of in a single day, extensive filling up of the landfills are becoming a big threat. So what is the ideal way of doing it? Well, you can donate your mattress or go for recycling it. In this way, it reduces the environmental strain and makes the entire process very convenient.

Where would you give the mattress?

Before choosing any mattress donation program, it is to ensure that the bed is in completely good condition. Without any major defect or wear and tear, the mattress can be donated to any of the following places:

Charitable organizations

Local thrift stores do not take old mattresses. Some also avoid box springs, water beds, traditional springs, or even foam mattresses. And due to health laws, the beds need prior sanitisation before getting reused again. So it is better to donate it to organisations that have the resources for sanitization and utilization. They can prepare the mattress and hand it over to anybody who is in genuine need.

Recycling the mattress

Apart from donating, recycling is another good way of protecting the environment as well as not letting your old bed go to waste. This is mostly done when the condition of the bed is not so sound. As most of the materials that a mattress is built up of are easily recyclable and can be upcycled, there lie no worries in handing the old beds to organisations who can utilize them.

Recycling programs

Besides handing them to recycling companies, there are multiple city recycling programs taking place in major cities always. You can drop off your mattress at their program centre or can opt for their pick up services too. Before enrolling in the program, try researching their authenticity and how do they carry out the processes. It will validate if handing them over the mattresses will be worth it.

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