Protecting Your Medical and Legal Recoveries After a Louisville Truck Accident

A truck accident is often chaotic and overwhelming. But you want to protect your truck accident claim without too much stress, risk, and inconvenience. A Louisville Truck Accident Attorney can explain what you should do following a truck collision to achieve this goal. 

Important Things to Do at the Accident Scene

While you are still at the crash scene, move yourself to safety. The last thing you want is to have a secondary accident happen. Just ensure you can move without hurting yourself. Then, call 911, so the police and medical emergency team will arrive to give everyone emergency medical attention. Also, the police will investigate the crash and make a police report. 

Moreover, you should also take photos of the crash scene including photos of the cars involved from various angles, your injuries, and the area that surround the accident. If possible, get the names of witnesses and their contact information. Your attorney can contact them later for testimony. When you talk to anyone at the crash scene, be careful with what you say. Never apologize for the crash or talk to someone about how the accident happened. Lastly, ensure you get medical attention. Keep in mind that some accident-related injuries may not present symptoms immediately. You need to have a medical evaluation to determine your condition. 

Things to Do in Weeks or Months Following the Crash

Once the crash scene has been cleared, you can protect your rights by contacting your insurer. You must inform the company of your accident date and time and let an adjuster evaluate your car damage. But do not speak with the adjuster. Instead, direct any communication with them to your lawyer. 

Insurance adjusters will work to maximize their company’s profits. They employ tactics to get you to settle your claim in as little money as possible. To ensure you don’t make mistakes during the claim process, let your attorney handle talks with the adjuster. 

Make sure you keep your follow-up appointments and follow your treatment plan to protect your legal and medical recoveries. Remember that insurance providers will try to find proof that they can use to discredit you or deny your claim. This makes it important to act consistently with your physical injuries. For instance, you don’t want to be caught walking in the park when you are supposed to stay at home and rest. You never when somebody from the insurance company may watch you. Accordingly, ensure you are honest about the injuries you sustained and act consistently with your physical limitations.