What Do You Need To Do If You Are Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian

If you or a loved one was recently struck by a car while crossing the street, you might wonder what to do next. After a pedestrian accident, you should be able to receive prompt and useful advice on how to have your medical bills covered from a personal injury attorney who frequently handles vehicle accident cases. You must visit this site to learn how to get help with your case further. 

Who is Legally Defined as a Pedestrian?

To begin with, who is a pedestrian?  A pedestrian is someone who is on foot, or occasionally on foot, plus a bicycle. Furthermore, even if the wheelchair is propelled, the user is still considered a pedestrian. You might be awarded damages if you were a pedestrian in a crossing when struck.

Can a Pedestrian Who Was Hit by a Car Sue?

Your own automobile insurance will pay the medical expenses due to its personal injury protection policy if you are struck by a vehicle while on foot (this might be a car, truck, or motorbike).

In some circumstances, the insurance provider for the vehicle that struck you will reimburse your medical expenses under its own PIP policy. 

What Percentage of My Medical Bills Will Insurance Cover?

Depending on your insurance plan, PIP may or may not cover some medical costs. PIP must cover at least $15,000 in medical costs. Get a copy of the insurance policy and read it since certain insurance plans pay more.

How Long Will the Car Insurance Company Cover Medical Care?

This primarily relies on the particular insurance coverage you have. Car insurance providers are legally required to cover your medical expenses if they are incurred within two years of the event. However, under rare circumstances, it may last longer. Once more, it would be wise to take some time on a Sunday afternoon to study that policy thoroughly.

What is the procedure for obtaining insurance to cover my medical expenses?

You must first submit a PIP claim to the accountable insurance provider.

If you are filing with your own insurance carrier, have your agent initiate a PIP claim. Remember, if you do not have your own insurance, you can file a claim against the driver. So make sure to ask the motorist for their insurance information at the site of the collision or as soon as you can later. The insurance company should provide you with a claim number and the name and contact information of your claims representative after a PIP claim has been filed.