Why Auto Body Shops are Often Known as Collision Repair Shops?

Parallel to the car selling industry, runs the car repair industry, which is no smaller than the former. This industry is run both by the car selling dealerships and private people who either offer a complete gamut of repair services, but most commonly focus on a particular range of services. The repair services are thus divided into two broad categories, one that deals with the running mechanisms of a vehicle, and the other that repairs all those parts that are not related to the movement of the car, which are its several body parts. The shops that offer this latter range of services are called auto body shops. But more frequently they are also referred as collision repair shops. The Rathdrum collision shop is one of these shops, and the owner of this shop took pleasure in explaining how his shop also qualifies for being called as a collision repair shop.

Dent Repair

Even with a most minor collision, the cars that get involve tend to suffer from dents, that not only makes the car look ugly, but also can have deeper impacts, to the parts that are lying inside. Dents that can also happen to the car without a collision are that will be repaired by any auto body shop. Since it usually happens due to collision, it falls under the category of collision repair and the shop that provides such services will be known as a collision repair shop.

Replacement of Windshields

One of the most vulnerable parts of a car that can get affected in a head on collision is the windshield. Though the glass used to shield off the speedy wind is meant to withstand average attacks, in many cases it succumbs to the collisions that are major ones. Windshields once damaged like being cracked up or chipped off cannot be repaired but can only be replaced. The auto body shops are the ones to provide this replacement services. Since this kind of damages also usually happen due to collision, the service related to this will be counted among collision repair services.

So, this is yet another reason why the auto body shops offering these services will be often referred as collision repair shop.

Frame Straightening

The worst possible damage that can happen to any vehicle when it gets trapped in a collision is to its structure. We often see cars that are lying by the highways in a crumpled state. In many cases, the structural damage might reach beyond repair, but in some cases, things can be brought back to its original condition, by undergoing an expensive treatment like frame straightening. This is a very technical procedure that not every auto body shop can offer. It requires heavy duty machinery working on hydraulic force that needs a huge infrastructure. The auto body shops that offer frame straightening service are most likely to be known as collision repair center, proudly announced a technician of the collision shop in Rathdrum.