Why Canada Can’t Cryptocurrency

The Canadian government is supporting new blockchain technologies through funding and legislation, positioning Canada like a future leader in cryptocurrency. Let’s think about the government’s participation in acquiring the crypto space.

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The Beginnings of Cryptocurrency in Vancouver, Canada

President of Netcoins, Mitchell Demeter, is renowned for installing the very first ever Bitcoin Bank. And hubby implemented it right at Blenz coffee shop in Vancouver, Bc. Now, Canada has 771 Bitcoin ATMs, a 9.5% share worldwide according to CoinATMRadar. While Bitcoin ATMs may not be the novelty they used to be, this signifies the interest in digital currency. Now we’re seeing a increase in cryptocurrency activities within exchanging platforms like Coinsquare, MyBTC, NDAX, Coinberry, and Netcoins.

Canada Is Becoming Purchasing Blockchain

The Toronto Stock Exchange elevated to get the world’s initial exchange for hosting 3iQ (a digital asset fund manager) and provide Bitcoin as an investment option. By including 3iQ inside the stock exchange, investors can realize your need to incorporate Bitcoin for domain portfolios much the same they have added traditional assets formerly.

In February of 2020, 3iQ and Mavennet (a blockchain firm) co-launched QCAD, the very first stablecoin pegged for your Canadian dollar. Meaning 1 QCAD will generally equal 1 CAD. You may even use QCAD to utilize other cryptocurrencies.

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And just recently, the Canadian government contracted Mavennet but another blockchain firm, Peer Ledger, allowing steel traceability. The goal of this contract ought to be to increase industry efficiency, ensure responsible sourcing, and verify steel needs are met within the country. This contract marks the beginning of the government’s belief in how blockchain sports ths Canadian economy.

There remains a wish within the Canadian government to push cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and startups involving them and we’ll go to a big increase in this in 2020. With cryptocurrency becoming controlled in Canada soon, we’ll likely begin to see more adoption and mainstream utilization of digital currencies.

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