Why Choose Full Mouth Rehabilitation Plan?

Oral health and impressive smiles complement one another. Good oral hygiene practice reflects on the smile and enhances your personality. Many people overlook oral health best practices but they too can improve their smile. Rancho Bernardo is a popular dentist 4S Ranch with an experience in modern dentistry. You can choose to go for full-mouth rehabilitation treatment. It is a plan that uses different procedures customized to the patient’s needs.

Full mouth reconstruction treatment includes the repair of damaged gums and teeth. It is different from a full smile makeover treatment. It focuses on improving your teeth’s cosmetic appearance.

Dental problems differ from one person to another. Some people have abnormal growth, missing teeth, or cracked teeth. A few struggles with genetic conditions like Amelogenesis, Ectodermal Dysplasia, Dentinogenesis imperfecta, etc. A full mouth reconstruction treatment by expert dentist Poway helps to enhance the overall oral health including numerous teeth problems.

The dentist will look at treatment options in the following main areas….

  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Crowns or Bridges
  • Neuromuscular dentistry
  • Cosmetic bonding & resin restoration
  • Teeth whitening

The dentist will recommend a few or all options listed above depending on your situation. After a comprehensive checkup, the dentist will discuss the improvement of oral health in detail. You will need to understand the benefits as well as drawbacks clearly.

When to choose full mouth rehab plan…….

Full mouth rehab is not for every patient. For example, if you need filling then choosing to have full mouth reconstruction is not right. Nevertheless, if you have considerable tooth decay, damage, or alignment problem then you can gain a lot from a comprehensive plan. Even people struggling with periodontal issues can use full mouth reconstruction to restore gum height and oral health. In severe periodontal cases, there can be tooth loss or alignment issues. You may need dentures or implants. In general, people also prefer to add teeth whitening during regular oral checkups.

Why choose full mouth rehab treatment plan….

Treat & reverse periodontal disease signs

Gums play a huge role in oral health. Bleeding, tender or painful gums indicate tissue infection surrounding the teeth and supporting them. Never ignore a mild indication of gum disease because it can trigger tooth loss. With full rejuvenation, you can regain gum health via scaling and root planing.

If the bone or tissue surrounding the tooth or teeth is extremely damaged, then surgery options like gum repair, pocket-depth reduction, soft tissue grafting, and regeneration are recommended. It helps to strengthen gums and the underlying jawbones.

Strong dental structure

Gums and jawbones are responsible for holding natural teeth strongly to their position. As years get added, teeth become susceptible to excessive damage. A single tooth loss is because either the gums or jawbones are compromised. A single tooth loss can even affect the neighboring teeth, which can have a domino effect on the entire dental structure. It can have a permanent impact on dental structure and teeth integrity. A comprehensive restoration plan helps to save teeth integrity on time. It offers proper teeth care that is necessary as you grow old.

Better life quality

Routine occurrences of headaches and migraines can affect your life quality. Head pain or migraines are caused due to bruxism [grinding or clenching teeth] and TMJ [Temporomandibular joint syndrome]. After the treatment, you can chew, drink, speak, and smile with comfort. There is less pain and you will not feel self-conscious.

Restore attractive smiles & functions

Dentist Rancho Bernardo uses a blend of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures to renew the appearance, function, and health of your gums and teeth. Patients get a tailored smile makeover, which makes them look younger and healthy.

Rebuilds self-esteem

You may not be able to smile as you are self-conscious about the missing or discolored teeth or gum issues. There is no need to feel low but choose a full mouth rehab plan that concentrates on enhancing gums and teeth function. Through a variety of dental procedures, you can regain your smile, confidence, and self-esteem.

Oral health enhancement

To maintain and improve oral health you can choose full-mouth restoration. It helps to fix multiple existing mouth problems or infections. Correcting the underlying issues helps to enhance oral health future. You can efficiently clean the straightened teeth and keep them away from cavity formation and decay.

Better overall health

There is a crucial connection between a healthy mouth and a lifestyle. When your mouth and teeth are healthy, it means your overall body is in good shape. Besides, if the immune system has to consistently combat oral infection then there comes a point when they are caught off-guard by other infections entering your body.

How long does comprehensive mouth rehab treatment take….

Over the years, your teeth change. Poor care can cause them to degrade and decay. Sometimes accidents can damage their appearance, structure, and function. Even lifestyle factors like stress can cause teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This can wear the teeth and change your bite.

In full mouth rehab treatment, a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures is applied to completely refurbish your smile. Sometimes the repair is simple and is completed in a few sessions. Times, there is a creative blend of different procedures, and can take several months. It depends because smile correction for every patient is unique.