People who cannot work because of an accident, illness, or other medical condition may get financial assistance through the Disability Benefits Insurance or Supplemental Security Income programs. 

According to the Centre for Budget and Policy Priorities, Social Security disability payments are now being received by 8.2 million persons. You should go to work or be educated for a new job to be considered for the program.

In the disability claims procedure, age is a significant aspect to keep in mind. If you’re applying for benefits via the Social Security Administration, how old do you have to be to qualify? 

The Social Security Administration uses four criteria to establish an applicant’s fitness for new employment. Phoenix social security disability attorney, presents a more in-depth explanation of the various age groups for SSD compensation.


If you can’t work because of a handicap, you’re entitled to Social Security disability payments. To begin, a candidate must demonstrate that they cannot return to their old job. Applicants must also show that they cannot obtain less physically taxing employment despite their best efforts to do so.

Age is an essential consideration in determining whether an individual is suitable for retraining. “chronological age in conjunction with the residual functional capability, education, and job experience” is what the Social Security Administration considers when determining eligibility for disability benefits. All of these elements are important. It is less probable that the SSA will approve vocational retraining for an older employee.

  • Overview Of The Ssd Age Groups

The Social Security Administration employs four main age groups to determine whether or not an applicant is qualified for vocational retraining. When applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, it is essential to know which category you fall under at your application. In Arizona, there are four Disability Benefits age groups:

  • Those Under The Age Of 50

Workers under fifty are particularly well-suited for job retraining because of their relative youth. You may, however, get Social Security disability payments as a young person, provided that your medical condition is severe enough. As long as you’re under 50, you’re considered highly retrainable by the SSA.

  • When You’re In Your Fifties And Sixties

The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that significant occupational retraining may be difficult for workers over 50. When it comes to employees nearing retirement age, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is significantly more lenient when deeming them “unsuitable” for retraining.

  • Those That Are 55 To 59 Years Old

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers workers 55 years of age and above to be of advanced age. Given their age, only the most basic kinds of occupational retraining are acceptable for these candidates. It is still feasible that the SSA may consider a late-fifties applicant sufficient for some modest retraining measures.

  • Retiring At The Age Of 60 Or Over

Workers who are 60 or older are regarded to be nearing retirement. They are, in fact, only a few years away from receiving their Full Retirement payments. Applicants in this age range are practically never invited to participate in vocational rehabilitation programs. 

The Social Security Administration doesn’t need to establish if an individual’s current job abilities may be transferred to a somewhat demanding one.

An SSD claim will consider a wide range of circumstances, including one’s age. These are the kinds of instances that are notoriously difficult to resolve.

Some experts can assist you. An expert Arizona disability attorney can answer any inquiries you may have concerning Disability Benefits age categories.


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