Understanding The Colorful World of Tiles!

While tiles are frequently used in home and office interior design, their implementation is extremely barebones. Think back, how often have you seen the same design of tile being used for floor in multiple different places? A ceramic tile has reached popularity due to its durability and ease of access. However, their role in design is often underestimated. Entire spaces can be transformed with vivid hues, intriguing textures, and diverse materials. No matter what aesthetic you go for, there’s a tile that can complement it! 

If you’re looking to introduce high quality tiles in your project, here are some important considerations:


The choice of color is limitless. You can find a tile which has a highly specific color, hue, and warmth. This allows your theme and aesthetic direction to dictate the choice of tile, not the other way around. In this sense, tile color can influence the overall feel of the space. Use cool blues and greens if you want to evoke a sense of tranquility, perfect for bathrooms. Warm tones like reds and yellow infuse energy into living spaces. Color psychology is your friend when working with Tiles!


Don’t just look at tiles, feel them! Tiles have historically been extremely versatile materials. Their design evokes diverse tactile exploration – from smooth and glossy to rugged. In fact, ceramic tiles are the most versatile material, able to mimic the texture of natural wood, stone, and more. 


Ceramics are the classic tile for centuries, with their versatile design, textures, and make. However, the world of tiling has expanded to include much more! For instance, porcelain offers a denser, more durable version of a classic tile, while mosaic allows you to design intricate art. The best innovation in tile ‘material’ comes from mimics. And, ceramics have been known to imitate a variety of natural material. 


Patterns can breathe life into spaces, telling stories through visual language. Look into creating intricate mosaics, geometric patterns, or even artistic motifs to holistically transform an entire space into a work of art. This choice of pattern can have a genuine contribution to how the entire space is perceived! 

The world of tiles is a treasure trove of possibilities. When you’re looking to redefine your space with tiles, remember to purchase high-quality tiles from Ceramique au Sommet Montreal! Embrace tiles and watch how your space transforms into an aesthetic art-piece.