What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a great option for people who have lost most or all of their teeth because they offer an alternative to dentures. Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and cause problems with speaking, eating, and other everyday activities. At the same time, tooth implants in Phoenix are screw-like fixtures that replace the roots of missing teeth. In addition, the implants are placed into the jawbone, usually underneath where the tooth used to be. Therefore, they are much more comfortable than traditional dentures. 

Dental implants are made of titanium and can be used to support a full or partial denture, but they also work as standalone replacements for missing teeth. Moreover, they require an implant and a crown, and there is no limit to the number that can be used in one mouth. Implants come in different lengths and diameters – either flat or anatomic – and patients will need to visit with their dentist to find the right fit.

We will now see common reasons for getting dental implants.

4 Reasons for Getting Dental Implants

  • To restore smile and enhance facial tissues

Dental implants are a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth and restore the smile. They can also enhance facial tissues, such as the lips and chin, thereby improving your appearance. Dental implants are created individually to suit your needs and desires. Unlike dentures or bridges where the teeth must be attached to something else, these implants are placed into the jawbone, where they provide a solid foundation for new crowns or bridges.

  • To replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth

Dental implants are a procedure to replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth. The procedure consists of two parts: preparing the bone, placing the implant, and placing and attaching the crown or dental restoration. Implants can be constructed out of titanium, ceramics, or other materials that resist bacteria. Dental implants will function as teeth roots and provide stability for implanted dentures or bridges.

  • To resolve joint pain or bite problems

Dental Implants are one of the latest advancements in dentistry. They are used to resolve joint pain or bite problems that other treatments cannot. The implant is placed in your jawbone, where it fuses to your bone. It is then crowned with a crown – which could be permanent or temporary while the implant is healing. Unlike dentures or bridges, you can eat almost anything with dental implants, including steak and ice cream.

  • To restore speech and chewing

Dental implants are used to restore speech and chewing. They are made of titanium, a metal that is biologically compatible with human tissue. These implants are surgically placed into the jaw, where they fuse to bone tissue. Implants can be customized to the individual’s needs. For example, implants can be given rounded edges for people who chew their food carefully or square edges for people who need more force to chew their food.