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Blondes or brunettes? Who has better chances of being successful in the cam studio?

Being competitive is not uncommon for women. If treated right, competition can be the root of huge personal and collective progress. Women are, in a sense, even more competitive than men. But they do not always compete against men. Women also want to prove that they are better than their friends or colleagues, depending on the context.

One of the most famous and passionate competitions is the one between blondes and brunettes. This is a dispute that has been around for many years and it does not seem to go away anytime soon. Even when it comes to women working in a live cam studio, many of them wonder if men are more appreciative of blondes or brunettes.

What hair color can make you more successful in a cam studio?

Jessyca, a young woman working in the industry, asked other models on a private forum what color she should choose for her hair in order to be more successful. One user suggested that the difference in traffic is not made by hair color, but by other qualities.

She also pointed out that hairstyles and hair color can help anyone feel better in their own skin, but nothing more than that. Another user, Nicole96, claimed that feeling good and confident is what draws and keeps members to her sessions.

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However, Anitta had a different perspective. In her opinion, colors such as pink, blue, turquoise, or purple make members really interested in a model. Anitta has brown hair, but she thinks that having an unconventional hair color is very fitting for many members fantasies.

Are wigs the answer?

One very surprising, yet quite interesting answer was provided by Krysta. The model working for Studio 20 –, the most successful non-adult live cam studio in the world, says that wigs are the answer.

In her opinion, a model should invest in at least three wigs and have them used by rotation, whenever necessary. This allows any model to change her style and hair color as often as she likes, without having it damaged by hair dyeing products.

Dhalia agreed with her and mentioned that wigs can help a model from a different perspective too. In her opinion, using wigs will keep members interested as they will not get bored easily.

Jessyca received one final answer from Mallorie. She insisted that self-confidence is what makes a cam studio model attractive more than any kind of hair color. She also advised Jessyca to go to a beauty studio and ask the professionals working there for their opinion regarding what color suits her best.

Mallorie mentioned that members will be very quick to notice a models confidence. She thinks that confidence is what can make members be interested in Jessycas activity, in the long term.

Hair color is very important for any woman. With the right one, you become more confident. And confidence is what makes you more attractive than anything. In order to be successful in a cam studio, you should pick the color that makes you feel perfect in your own skin.