Features To Look For When Buying An Air Cooler Fan – A How-to Guide

When summer arrives, everyone is on the lookout for keeping cool in the coming hot days. Although an air conditioning unit is usually the go-to for some respite from the harsh temperature, an alternative is the air cooler fan. An air conditioning unit consumes a notable amount of electricity to operate; an air cooler fan only uses 10% of that amount. However, there are many air coolers in the market today; it can be hard to tell which is the best option. That’s where we come in; below are some features to look for when buying an air cooler fan.

Tank Capacity

Air cooler fans come with varying tank capacity. When you want to choose an air cooler fan, you have to choose one whose tank capacity is ideal for your room size. The idea behind the tank is to ensure it can keep you cool for a long time. Look out for an air cooler fan that will keep you cool throughout the night without a need to refill. Some air cooler fans come with an auto-fill feature that allows the tank to refill automatically. This feature is best for small air cooler fans because it will prevent having to get up frequently.

Cooling Pad Quality

The cooling pad makes all the difference in how effective your air cooler fan will be. First, you need to ensure that the cooling pads are thick enough for proper cooling of the air. Water will effectively saturate a thick cooling pad of about 90mm to cool the air drawn in and have a longer shelf life. The material used in creating the cooling pad also matters and determines its longevity.

Dust Filter

The air quality within your home is essential. One of the reasons many people opt for an air cooler fan is that it improves your home’s air quality. One way it does this is with a dust filter. Therefore, you need an air cooler that comes with a dust filter. The dust filter will filter out the dust and dirt pulled in with the air from the outside. When your air cooler features a dust filter, it will always provide your home with fresh and clean air.


One of the features you might want to look out for in your air cooler is a remote control. It makes operating the air cooler convenient and easier. This way, you don’t have to get out of bed every time you change the speed setting. Even better, some air coolers today are IoT-enabled and can be controlled with voice.