Invest in a pokemon go account – Money buys happiness and rare Pokemon

Reaching the higher levels and catching the most sought-after legendary Pokemon takes many months or even years for the average player to start from scratch. By purchasing an established high-level account, you skip over the early grind and jump right into the exciting endgame content like raids, PVP battles, and shiny hunting. Some of the top benefits of investing in a Pokemon Go account include:

  • Avoid the level 30+ grind – The first 30 levels in Pokemon Go by relatively quickly, but the XP requirements past level 30 are extremely steep. Buying an account in the level 30-40 range allows you to bypass hundreds of hours of grinding.
  • Stardust and candy savings – High-level accounts not only have powerful Pokemon but also come with large stockpiles of stardust and candy saved up.

With pokemon go accounts for sale, you experience the best the game has to offer without investing massive amounts of time. For busy professionals and hardcore collectors, this can make the game much more enjoyable.

What to look for in a pokemon go account?

  • Trainer level – The level of the trainer account is one of the most important factors in the price. Generally, accounts in the level 30-40 range provide the best value for the money. Accounts above level 40 are quite expensive.
  • Pokemon collection – Scrutinize the specific Pokemon that come with the account. Ideally, you want a broad collection including plenty of legendary Pokemon, meta-relevant attackers powered up, and rare Pokemon with legacy moves.
  • Item and pokemon storage – Check that the account has adequate item storage (at least 1000-1500) and Pokemon storage (at least 500-1000) so you have space to expand your collection. Extra space is always a bonus.
  • Stardust and candy reserves – Note how much Stardust and candy the account currently has. The more the better as this will allow you to evolve and power up Pokemon right away. At least a few hundred thousand stardust is ideal.

The most valuable accounts will be high level with an impressive Pokemon collection including the most powerful legendary and mythical Pokemon. Large resource reserves are also desirable. Of course, accounts with more to offer will come at a higher price accordingly.

Enjoy your new pokemon go account

Once you’ve done your research and made the purchase of a shiny new high-level Pokemon Go account, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your investment. With careful shopping, you’ll be loaded with awesome Pokemon and ready to dive into raids, PVP, and hunting the most exciting challenges the game has to offer. Having skipped over the early stage grind, you can focus on the most fun and rewarding aspects of the game. Maintain progress by doing the following:

  • Play regularly to level up further and earn more stardust and candy
  • Focus on events and promotions to acquire other rare Pokemon
  • Use your new account as a foundation to trade with other players
  • Invest in bag and Pokemon storage upgrades as needed
  • Connect with an active local raid group or Discord community
  • Enjoy battling, collecting, and exploring all the game has to offer

Whether your goal is to build the most metagame-powerful teams of attackers, collect every shiny variant, or explore new in-game events and challenges, investing in a high-quality Pokemon Go account provides a solid head start. With the right account to build on and some active, intentional play, you’ll be a Pokemon Master in no time.