Solid ways to treat drug addiction

There comes a point in time where it becomes increasingly hard to take care of your life, this usually happens due to some bad event that completely changes the course of your life. And there comes situations where you just can’t cope with life anymore because you feel depressed as well as anxious. A feeling of doom takes over your body and mind. These events that can completely give a 180 degree turn on your life can be quite devastating—they can happen when you lose someone that you truly loved like your partner, or they can happen when you lose something valuable and important, something you have worked your whole life on such as your business, your automobile, your lifestyle etc. it can happen because of losing a pet that was adored and loved by you. All these events can trigger episodes of depression and vulnerability to drugs and alcohol.

When someone is going through this phase, they will eat a lot as a coping mechanism, or they will lie around in bed all day watching TV, or they will start doing drugs and drinking alcohol to literally numb the pain. This eventually will become into addiction and put their life at a risk. They will go through so many things because of the addiction, they will say things they don’t mean, do things they don’t mean, and spend their money on drugs and alcohol, forget their working and studying life etc. So, if you are someone in this situation, then getting treatment for drug addiction can help you through it all. Click here for more detailed information regarding the treatment programs for drug addiction.

There are many ways to treat drug addiction, they are the following:

Treatment through detox programs.

There are two main types of detox programs that can help a patient detox themselves of the drugs that are inside their body and affecting them in a negative way. These two detox programs are inpatient detox and outpatient detox.

Inpatient detox program is for people who are at a level of drug addiction that is considered severe where they cannot function throughout different aspects of life. They cannot communicate, they cannot study or work, they cannot do simple tasks and are abusing the people around them physically and emotionally due to their drug addiction. This is expensive as the patient is required to live in a drug rehab facility under 24/7 surveillance via medical staff. The patient is given medical treatment via alternative drugs for the detoxification process. Counselling and group therapy is also offered aside from alternative drugs to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

The cost of inpatient detox program starts from 10,000 dollars and it goes all the way to 30,000 dollars per 30 days of treatment. Some rehab facilities offer discounts for 2-months of treatment or 3-months of treatment.

Outpatient detox happens by getting the patient rid of the drugs by telling them to. Medication isn’t given nor do they have to live in a rehab center for treatment. Patients can simply come and go everyday and get treated at the facility through counselling and group therapy as well as teaching new skills and hobbies are offered in this detox program as well.

The prices for outpatient detox program start from 1,000 dollars per month to 10,000-15,000 dollars per month, many rehab centers also offer 2-month and 3-month discounts.

It is important to note that numerous drug rehab centers also offer loans for the treatment incase people cannot afford their drug rehab treatments. Therefore, going through drug addiction is a choice, it is up to you if you want to cure your addiction and live a fruitful life with your loved ones.