Why Kim Anami Wants Women To Do Vaginal Kung Fu

Few people have dedicated as much time to understanding intimacy as Kim Anami, a holistic sex and relationship coach who’s devoted her life to helping people tap into their sexual powers. In addition to being an expert sex coach, Anami is a Vaginal Kung Fu master, a skill she flaunts to teach the importance of powerful vaginas.

During her many years as a “sexpert,” Anami has seen women struggle with weak vaginal muscles, which ultimately keep them from feeling sexually fulfilled. To address this problem, Anami pioneered a Vaginal Kung Fu course, which aims to heal, activate, and strengthen women’s vaginas to help improve their sex lives.

“Most women have numb, under-functioning vaginas,” she says on her website, kimanami.com. “Can you shoot pingpong balls with your vagina? If you can’t, you aren’t alone. About 99.9% of women haven’t mastered this essential life skill. Once you do, you’ll have more (and better) orgasms and be able to cause your man to ejaculate (or not!) with the power of your vagina alone.”

From Jade Eggs to Surfboards

Anami relaunched the eight-week Vaginal Kung Fu program earlier this year, working to increase libido and improve the orgasms of women worldwide. She displayed her prowess with an Instagram social media campaign #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, showcasing her testing her vaginal strength in different countries. The idea of the campaign was to bring awareness to the importance of pelvic floor strength, since many women struggle with weak pelvic muscles.

“Vaginal weight lifting has been called ‘Kegels on steroids!’” she declares.

In videos, Anami can be seen using a jade egg attached to a string to lift anything from a piece of fruit to a surfboard with her vagina. The upbeat mood of these videos helped make Anami an internet sensation working to spread holistic knowledge about the transformative power of healthy sex and relationships. Among her key messages is that sex can heal and empower, countering societal messages that often attach a great stigma to the act.

Anami’s insights on sex come from decades of experience and study of ancient philosophies such as tantra and Taoism, which she incorporates into her teachings.

“I’ve always been highly attuned to my own sexual energy and spiritual curiosity,” she says. “From a young age, I had already experienced the power of sex to awaken, transform, and accelerate my journey of self-actualization.”

Her views on the power of sexual energy and healing have made her a well-known figure in sexual education who has been featured in Playboy, Elle, O The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Shape, The Sunday Times (UK), The Daily Mail, and GQ, among others. She frequently appears on talk shows and podcasts to discuss her work and views on love and life.

Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Sexual Well-Being

Anami’s Vaginal Kung Fu course is made up of six salons that focus on different aspects of sexual well-being — physical, emotional, and psychological. Her course includes guided vaginal-strengthening practices and weekly core-strengthening exercises, as well as secrets on how to have better orgasms. Course participants receive a Vaginal Kung Fu kit, which includes a jade egg, a silk carry pouch, and rose quartz lifting stones.

Anami believes teaching women how to strengthen their vaginal muscles is key to helping them feel more confident and in tune with their bodies. “If a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage,” she explains. “All over the world, women are suffering from the debilitating condition of not having enough (or any) sexual pleasure in their lives.”

Anami’s course seeks to help women regain their sexual power by teaching them how to strengthen their vaginal muscles through targeted healing and empowerment. “When I speak of vaginas that shoot pingpong balls and open beer bottles and win world records, these aren’t wild exceptions to what vaginas can do (though they are currently),” Anami says. “Every woman can do these things.”

Beyond shooting pingpong balls from one’s vagina, Anami says the benefits of strengthening pelvic muscles include more and better orgasms, a higher libido, and an end to urinary incontinence. She believes these changes also boost confidence and help women connect with their sexual power. She holds that sexual energy can be harnessed for greater fulfillment in every area of life.

More information about the Vaginal Kung Fu course can be found on Anami’s website, kimanami.com. She offers a range of other classes for individuals and couples, including How To Be a Well-F–ked Woman, Coming Together for Couples, and Sexual Mastery for Men. Her website also features her latest interviews and insights on current events related to sexual health and reproduction.