11 Little Known Facts About Cheap Double Mattresses

If you are thinking about buying a new mattress but are on a limited budget, we have good news for new! There are plenty of quality cheap double mattresses for sale online, and you don’t have to forgo a good night’s sleep because your budget is on the low side. This post will help you choose the best double mattress priced within your budget. 

  1. The width of a double mattress is 54 inches, or 4 feet 6 inches. 
  2.  A double mattress is 6 feet 3 inches long. This is the UK standard length for single and double beds.
  3. A cheap double mattress will accommodate two average-sized adults but may be cramped if one or both of you is larger than average.
  4. A double mattress is the second most popular size in the UK.
  5. Cheap double mattresses are available in memory foam, open coil, pocket spring, and latex. 
  6. You can find cheap double mattresses priced at under £100.
  7. A double bed is sometimes referred to as a full bed. 
  8. A double bed has long been deemed the gold standard bed size for a couple. However, some couples may find a wider king-size or super king-size mattress is a better fit.
  9. A double bed is perfect for the elderly or bedridden people who spend most of their time in bed, as it provides space for activities. 
  10. Generally, a cheap double mattress will last around eight years. If you sleep eight hours a night for eight years, the bed will get 23,360 hours of use. If you pay £100 for your cheap double mattress, this works out at £0.03 per night.
  11. To enhance its lifespan, it’s recommended to rotate and turn a new mattress every two weeks for the first few months.

And now for some fun facts about beds in general:

  1. The Romans and ancient Greeks always ate in bed.
  2. Wealthy Egyptians had beautifully carved beds with the bottom legs shorter than the top legs. They frequently needed a footrest to stop them from sliding off the bottom of the bed.
  3. Mattresses may double in weight over ten years due to a buildup of dust, mites, sweat, and skin cells. 
  4. Buyers choose innerspring mattresses over other types. Innersprings account for an assessed 80% of mattress sales worldwide.
  5.  We’ve all heard the saying of stashing money under a mattress, and so have burglars. One of the first places thieves look for cash and valuables is under the mattress.
  6. The first mattress is believed to have been created about 77,000 years ago in South Africa. They made mattresses using layers of plant materials.
  7. While the waterbed has been around since ancient times, it was resurrected in Scotland in the 19th century by a doctor named Neil Arnott. Arnott believed the waterbed helped prevent pressure sores and ulcers.
  8. German Heinrich Westphal, invented the innerspring mattress in 1871. He never profited off his invention.
  9. The most enormous bed on record was made in Holland and measures 86 ft. by 53 ft, an area of 4558 square feet.
  10. Beds that fold up into walls are called Murphy beds after their creator William Lawrence Murphy. He invented the bed in 1900 and patented the concept in 1908.