5 Tips To Reduce Under-Eye Bags


There are plenty of things available in the market that claim to reduce under-eye bags (ลดถุงใต้ตา, which is a term in Thai). But they don’t work.

Keeping yourself hydrated and applying a cold compress can help reduce eye bags quickly, but a few lifestyle changes can remove them in the long term. The various causes of under-eye bags are aging, allergy, eczema, sun exposure, and pigmentation.

However, dive into the article to learn about a few tips that help to de-puff the eyes.

Tea Bags

You just enjoy sipping tea. Right? But what if I tell you that it helps in the reduction of dark circles and bags under your eyes? Yes, you heard it correctly. Putting caffeinated tea bags can depuff your under-eye bags. The tea has antioxidant properties in it, which increase the blood flow to your eye area. It also slows down the process of aging and prevents sun damage.

Cold Compress

Keep those expensive eye creams aside. Putting a cold compress on the affected area can do wonders. The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels quickly, providing temporary relief to the under-eye area. For better protection, wrap your cold compress with a soft cloth. Hence, this is one of the best methods to reduce under-eye bags.

Hydrate Yourself

Dehydration can cause your under-eye area to swell. You should increase your water intake. It will gradually depuff your under eyes and make you look fresher. Therefore, it is advised to drink at least 12 glasses of water every day. You can try fruit-infused drinks as well.

Take Over-The-Counter Medications

Puffy and baggy eyes can also happen due to allergies. You may experience watery and itchy eyes. It might be the reaction of your immune system to the allergens. If you feel that your under-eye bags are due to the allergy, you can consult your doctor for over-the-counter medicines.

Use Sunscreen Everyday

Wearing sunscreen every day prevents your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunscreens also reduce under-eye bags. However, it is essential to have broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Choose a formula with SPF 30 and more. It is advisable to reapply it after every 2-3 hours.


Many a time under-eye bags are not pressing and can be treated with home remedies. But, if you have it in any one of the eyes or it worsens, you should consult the doctor. It may be due to any underlying disease.