Two Delicious Thai Delicacies: Salmon Cake And Donburi

What Is A Salmon Cake?

Salmon cakes (แซลมอน เค้ก, which is the term in Thai) are patties or fish cakes conventionally prepared from salmon fish using breadcrumbs or saltines and eggs to hold the patty together, chopped onion and other required vegetables as per choice, along with seasonings to bring about a beautiful flavor. 

This culinary dish can be made without breadcrumbs or batter, and instead, it will be a stuffed mixture of boiled and mashed potatoes and salmon fish along with flavoring ingredients, and sometimes egg to bring about its proper shape, which is then fried. The salmon cake is definitely a tasty and go-to emergency meal that can be quite simply made from the items available at every home.

What Is Donburi?

Donburi (ดง บุ ริ, term in Thai) refers to a rice-bowl dish that has originated from Japan and constitutes a wonderful combination of rice, fish, meat, vegetables, spices and various other ingredients that gives a mouth-watering taste. Gyūdon, Butadon, Tendon, 

Tentamadon, Unadon, Tamagodon, Oyakodon, Katsudon, Sōsukatsudon, Konohadon, Karēdon, Tekkadon, Hokkaidon, Negitorodon, Ikuradon, 

Kaisendon, Tenshindon or Tenshin-han, and Chūkadon are the different varieties of this dish.

This dish can be easily prepared by simmering all the ingredients except rice together to make the sauce which is then served over the already cooked rice. The taste of the sauce vary according to the chef as the flavoring ingredients can be altered based on an individual’s liking. One can make this dish from any available leftover ingredients. Anyhow a typical Donburi sauce comprises meat or fish stock containing soy sauce and rice wine. The proportions of soy sauce and rice wine can also vary from person to person. 

Nutritional Value Of Salmon Fish Cake And Donburi

It is crucial to maintain an accurate and regular consumption of nutritious seafood in our diets to ensure the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 or riboflavin. Some benefits of including Salmon cakes and Donburi in our nourishment regime are as given below.

  • These dishes can easily be altered with health supplement ingredients such as replacing breadcrumbs with oats, using olive oil to fry, the addition of broccoli, and many other green leafy veggies, which could go flawlessly with the seafood flavor.
  • They are generally expensive and exotic dishes when bought from restaurants, but by referring to proper recipes, it is a quick and nutritive way to eat. 

In The Case Of Salmon Cakes, A Serving Of 2 Usually Consist Of The Following Nutrient Composition: 

A total calorie content of 280 kcal, a total fat of 11 g out of which 2.5 g is saturated fat, a sodium content of 300 mg, total carbohydrate of 16 g, dietary fiber of 1 g and a protein content of 27 g 

The Nutrient Info Per 2 Serving Related To Donburi Is:

A total calorie content of 456.2 kcal, a total fat of 17.2 g out of which 2.2 g is saturated fat, 1.8 g is polyunsaturated fat and 10.1 g is monounsaturated fat. It also contain a sodium content of 1034.0 mg, potassium content of 480.9 mg, total carbohydrate of 51.9 g, dietary fiber of 4.5 g and a protein content of 23.9 g 

We hope that this was an interesting and informative article related to two incredible seafood recipes. Eat healthily and stay well!