Dan Snyder: Going the Extra Mile

Dan Snyder is passionate about entrepreneurship, family, and the Washington Football Team. His life’s work has focused on the people, community, and team he loves. He grew up in the Washington, D.C., area, and he and his father attended many games of what was then called the Washington Redskins football team. In 1999, Snyder put his money where his heart was, and he bought the team. His leadership has allowed the team to blossom not only in the sports world but as part of the community. His efforts have helped the team raise millions of dollars for charity, and most of those dollars were spent in the Washington, D.C., area.

Snyder’s first action after purchasing the Washington team was to establish the Washington Charitable Foundation. Through the foundation, he brings together the team and its corporate and community partners. Together, they’ve made a huge impact on the region’s youth. The charity’s efforts support community outreach, health, wellness, and education. Since the year 2000, the charity has given more than $29 million in services and direct funds to individuals, groups, and nonprofit organizations.

The Washington Charitable Organization hosts in-school workshops for kids and their families. Those workshops center on topics including literacy, fitness, and health. The foundation also sets up laundry facilities in schools and community organizations through its Loads of Love program, and it helps kids who have been dealing with the stigma of dirty clothes. Families can wash and dry all their clothes and linens at no cost. This breaks down a huge barrier to getting kids into school. So far, the Washington Charitable Fund has set up Loads of Love facilities in more than 80 schools

The charity work of Dan Snyder extends beyond the Washington Charitable Foundation and the immediate community. In 2016, he sent team members to deliver supplies to areas of Haiti that were affected by Hurricane Matthew. In 2004, Snyder sent funds to Thailand and Indonesia after the area’s devastating tsunami. He also sent manpower and money to help with relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in 2005.

On a personal basis, Snyder is committed to helping the Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He’s part of the hospital’s charitable board of directors. Snyder also funded the Daniel M. Snyder and Family Communication Center at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

More recently, Snyder donated $250,000 for a nonprofit’s work toward raising awareness of social injustice issues. He’s also helped with the logistics of providing relief and medical assistance during the recent pandemic when he allowed Maryland’s National Guard to set up testing for COVID-19 at FedExField. He also gave $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank, which helps food-insecure individuals and families.

Snyder supports members of the American armed forces. Daniel Snyder’s team created Salute, an official military appreciation club. Veterans and active-duty military members can have reenlistment events and other celebrations at the stadium. Over the years, Snyder has received awards from Beacon House and Youth For Tomorrow’s Distinguished Leader Award for his community support.

Dan Snyder is always going the extra mile for his team and the NFL. He’s on several committees, including the NFL’s stadium, business ventures, and digital media sections. Since Snyder bought the team, Washington has become the league’s most economically successful organization. Snyder opened a retail arm that includes team stores in two states and mobile team stores. Snyder has also improved the training facilities. He allows high school coaches to use those facilities for their own educational clinics. Since 2012, Snyder has added new training, locker, food, and conference facilities to his team’s stadium. In the public areas, he revamped the escalators, gates, parking, concourses, and luxury suites.

Before purchasing the Washington Football team, Snyder owned and operated Snyder Communications. He also founded inVentiv Health. He’s a founding member of Red Zebra Broadcasting. Snyder continues to be active in the business community. He serves on several boards and continues to offer private consulting services for those who are interested in entrepreneurship.

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