Do’s And Don’ts Of Clear Aligners. 

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices used to treat misaligned teeth. In recent times, these have replaced braces as a person can get perfectly aligned teeth without using brackets and wires. Using clear aligners is a better option than braces as it is less painful and more effective.

Clear aligners in Fort Lauderdale are transparent and made of solid plastic material that gradually moves the teeth using mild force. These have to be worn until the desired position of teeth has been achieved. Once the position has been achieved, the orthodontist customizes another clear aligner to achieve the next desired position. Getting the teeth completely aligned is a gradual and slow process. One cannot expect to get aligned teeth entirely in one week, it takes time and a lot of sessions with an orthodontist to get final results. 

When opting for clear aligners, one must stay aware of what has to be done and what has to be avoided when wearing clear aligners. Keep reading to learn more about clear aligners. 

What should you do when opting for clear aligners? 

  • Aligners have to be soaked once every day. 

To keep your aligners clean and avoid them from smelling, one should clean their clean aligners daily and soak them in a bowl filled with water daily. 

  • Brush twice and floss once daily when wearing a clear aligner. 

If food particles get stuck in between your teeth, wearing clear aligners in such cases can lead to the build-up of plaque or cavity in your teeth. Teeth and gums should be healthy when a person is wearing clear aligners. 

  • Be careful with what you eat. 

Ensure that you wear your clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day to get excellent results. Therefore, you should be careful while eating or ensure that you keep your aligners clean. 

What should you avoid when opting for clear aligners? 

  • Avoid caffeine. 

Coffee can stain your aligners, or a warm cup of coffee can damage your clear aligners. 

  • Do not leave the clear aligner out in the open. 

Keeping clear aligners open is the worst mistake you can make. Keeping clear aligners in the open air can lead to the build-up of bacteria or other microbes on the clear aligner. 

  • Do not smoke. 

Smoking can lead to quick discoloration of the clear aligner. Moreover, a patient has to wear clear aligners for 20-22 hours, so quitting smoking can be beneficial considering the time left for eating three meals a day. 

  • Do not clean clear aligners using colored liquids. 

Using colores soaps or other colored liquids can stain the clear aligner.