Luxurious homes dream come true with granite flooring

Luxurious homes dream come true with granite flooring

Are you interested to know about granite flooring? Granite floors are popular because of their natural look. If you want the last solution for your interior then you should choose granite flooring for your property. Granite flooring has some different qualities as compared to other floors because granite floors have hard surfaces. Granite flooring’s strength and colors are liked by ancient eras; the tiles, slabs, and floors are made from granite and these are suitable indoors and outdoors.

Granite floors give a natural look to homes, offices, etc. because their finish is long-lasting. Granite flooring is also responsible for increasing the worth of your property because most buyers pay more when they see a property filled with a luxurious look that is only possible through granite flooring.

Do you want to know the types of granite flooring?

Granite flooring is available in so many kinds like marble floors, and tile pavers because these marble floors are easy to install.

Granite tiles

granite tiles are available in a vast range of bold colors and thick textures. These granite tiles are also available in earth-tone colors.

Granite pavers

Most home honors apply granite paver flooring because it is specially designed for outdoors because its thickness is higher than simple granite tiles; these granite paver floorings are anti-slippery.

Granite slab flooring

A large piece of granite is known as a slab. The slab thickness is the same everywhere. Slabs of granite are easily installed indoors and outdoors. These slabs of granite flooring are heavier than other tiles or floors, so most people avoid them.

Polished granite

Polished granite floors are reflective and shiny. These floors leave a good impression on viewers. But these polished granite floors are slippery especially when wet .So most people used these tiles in the kitchen or the library as a shelf.

Honed granite

This honed granite floor seems dull, but this granite is smooth in walking and does not have a shiny appearance. Honed granite flooring is anti-slippery so best choice for heavy traffic areas like a living lounge, etc.

Flame granite

These granite floors consist of hard and rough surfaces. Flame granite floors are prepared for high temperatures so they can bear harsh weather and become safe during much heat and never crack.


The durability of granite flooring is obvious; this is the reason for its fame; these granite floors are equally popular in residential and commercial areas. Granite floors can easily resist scratches, and marks, and are also heat resistant. Most people apply the sealer to keep the granite floors from staining. granite floors are ideal for heavy-traffic areas.


The maintenance of granite flooring requires complete attention. All types of granite floors can be cleaned with a mop, sweep, or sponge it is necessary to avoid using harsh chemicals on granite floors otherwise their surface becomes dull and rough leaving a bad impression on viewers. Avoid walking or running when the floor is wet because a person may fall. So, care is important.