Quick guide for choosing between monitor wall mounts

Ensuring that your workspace feels productive and inspiring is important. For that, you have to ensure organization and keep clutter out of sight. Instead of having your computer monitor on the desk, you can choose to make the most of wall space and get it installed on the wall using a mount. A monitor wall mount is particularly more useful when your desk is very close to the wall. There are also other styles of monitor mounts, including those that just allow users to keep the monitor off the surface of the desk. 

If you want to pick something in budget, check for PrimeCables monitor wall mounts, which is a known website offering amazing TV and monitor mounts in Canada. In this post, we have a guide on how to find the perfect monitor wall mount.  

Start with answering the basic questions

Before you look for wall mounts, here are some questions that are worth answering – 

  1. How much would want to spend on the mount?
  2. Do you want to use multiple monitors?
  3. Are your monitors VESA compliant?
  4. Do you need a full-articulating arm?
  5. Can you install a wall amount on your own?

Review the basic things

There are two very important things that matter for selecting a wall mount for monitors. Firstly, the weight specification of the mount does matter, more so if you have multiple monitors. Secondly, check the width of the monitors too, so that the mount can support the same. Another aspect that needs attention is cable management. Some monitor arms do have a system or arrangement for that too.

Go for a full-articulating arm

For the unversed, a full-articulating arm allows the user to adjust the closeness, depth, and viewing angle of the monitor very easily. Make sure that the arm is at least adjustable to some extent, especially if your budget doesn’t allow for a full-articulating arm. As for the cost, it depends on the style, design, and support of the monitor wall amount, but don’t expect to pay more than $100 even for one of the advanced designs. 

A monitor wall mount is a great investment for having a clear table at work, and you can install one even at your home office, given that many of us are working from home in this turbulent pandemic time. Check online stores for the best deals and discounts on monitor wall mounts and find one that would work for your existing monitors.