Social Media Listening Allows Companies to Follow Consumers’ Conversations to Gain Greater Understanding of Their Needs and Behavior

Social media listening is monitoring the online conversations surrounding your business and analyzing them to deliver actionable insights to your business and employees. All this can be done by taking advantage of the internet, which provides a voice for billions of people. Monetization of social media is increasingly important for the business as consumer reach and behavior has become more sophisticated. Through social listening, brands are able to connect with potential customers, measure the impact of content, and optimize campaigns.

Social media listening is the process of capturing and monitoring social media conversations and behaviors to discover trends, the main drivers of brand engagement and reach new and potential customers. This is a powerful tool for exploring how to drive growth, influence consumers, and understand where to next for your business. To run social media listening effectively, you need to know what your customers are talking about and where your consumers are spending their time online. In the case of service providers, this might be car insurance, health insurance, or mobile phone insurance.

Understanding Consumers

Social media listening can also help businesses understand how consumers use their products or services. It takes into account all the changes occurring on social networks. You may need to understand the following.

  • Where are consumer conversations happening?
  • What actions are being taken?
  • How are customers interacting with the brand?
  • Why are they interacting with the brand?

The process entails using social listening techniques to hear the conversations that matter in order to communicate with your target audiences and get actionable, near real-time feedback. You may not be a social media marketer, but you can learn from what others are saying about your brand and target customers.

It includes collecting data about websites that your customers are visiting, who is replying to your posts, and what is happening on the other channels where your customers are engaging with your brand.

Why NetBase Quid?

NetBase Quid is a mobile-first data collection tool that gathers real-time and historical consumer-level social media activity through a unique and precise mobile app, from a large base of consumer demographics and social media usage across multiple platforms. It collects data from social networks that can be searched and shared to analyze different customer types and their intent. You can see trends by date and activity, who is talking about your brand, what topics are gaining the most traction, and other valuable insights to inform your social media strategies.

NetBase Quid starts with real-time data to power your social media analytics and engagement. The platform is purpose-built to integrate with all social media platforms. In each case, it gathers and analyzes the brand’s online presence and provides the insights you need to uncover business trends. NetBase Quid’s in-depth insights and rules-based processes allow it to provide relevant analysis and insights, allowing companies to increase return on investment and achieve specific brand objectives. NetBase Quid features exclusive rights to more than 100 of the most popular social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Consumer Behaviors

Social media listening is a technology of the future which allows you to gain valuable insights and understand consumer sentiment and opinion. Today, analysts are using social listening data to understand buying intentions and buying behaviors in real time. It monitors your company’s social profile(s) to understand what your consumers are saying, discusses and posts about your brand. Today’s social media landscape has changed and it is nearly impossible for your competitor to know how you are performing on your social profiles.

How would you know, unless you listened to what people are saying about you? It is one of the most exciting new trends in marketing, driven by the ‘following’ and ‘sharing’ power of digital content. Social media listening makes use of network monitoring, analytics and machine learning techniques to deliver targeted, real-time notifications to the marketing organization when content has reached consumers, empowering teams to take pro-active action. Once consumers have engaged with a particular content (any content), it is vital that the marketing team have the ability to follow up with a suitable offer to encourage the same engagement.