Sunscreen at Home: 5 Things to Remember

Even if you’re staying at home, you need sunscreen. Yes, that’s true. This is not just a myth perpetuated by sunscreen makers. Harmful UV rays have been proven to seep through windows and thick curtains, which means you are not safe indoors.

Here are 5 things to remember when you wear sunscreen at home:

Apply liberally

Sunscreen is the last product you should be stingy about. Be generous with the product that will protect you from harmful UV rays. Make each cent you spend on Korean sunscreen count by applying it generously and liberally. This way, you are ensuring that your skin is thoroughly protected from the sun. If you apply sunscreen thinly, it might not protect you at all, which means you just wasted the product you applied to your skin.

Reapply when necessary

Sunscreens, unfortunately, do not stay effective as long as your foundation or makeup. They need to be reapplied throughout the day, especially after you have been sweating or you have washed your face. Though there are products that promise to be sweat-proof, it’s still better to err on the side of caution and reapply them as instructed on the packaging.

Don’t forget the neck area

When you’re applying sun protection, whether you’re staying indoors or heading to the beach, you should make sure that all exposed areas are covered. This means you need to go beyond your face. Your neck needs the protection, too. In fact, your neck might need it more because that part of your body will easily show your age if you don’t care for it. Apply a layer of sunscreen evenly on your face and neck to avoid the embarrassing mismatched color over time.

Protect your lips, too

You may be applying sunscreen to your skin generously, but what about your lips? They will look dry, flaky, and discolored if you don’t apply sunscreen to protect them from damage, too. Of course, it’s not recommended to use the same product you apply on your skin because it might be harmful, especially when accidentally ingested with your food. Thankfully, there are lip balms and scrubs with SPF, making them the perfect lip protection for you. They also make your skin smoother and more moisturized.

Wash your face at the end of the day

You’re diligently applying sunscreen–good. Now, don’t forget to wash it all off at the end of the day. Sunscreen leaves a residue, especially if it’s included in your other beauty products. A tinted moisturizer with SPF may leave a residue that will block your pores, and even plain sunscreen may make your skin more oily. You don’t have to suffer through other problems just to protect your skin from sun damage. Wash all the products off your face at the end of the day and do your skincare routine, as usual, to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing.

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun even when you’re at home. You might not see how this protects your skin right now, but you’ll thank yourself later on when people comment on how you look younger than your real age.