Talk Show Sam Jam Is Trending On AHA

If you’re someone who loves to watch talk shows more than dramas and movies, you should try watching some of the best talk shows on aha. There you will find several talk shows that feature some of the best hosts. The most popular talk show on this platform is Sam Jam, but many other talk shows live on the platform like Sam Jam with Samantha, Tamasha with Harsha, All Is Well with Suma, and No. 1 Yaari with Rana. All of them are interesting, and they have different concepts. However, Sam Sam is the most trending one, and if you want to watch Samantha’s talk show, you should download this app and get a premium version.

Allu Aravind has developed the show, and ArunSeshkumar has directed it. Anirudh Krishnamurthy has written this Telugu Indian web television talk show, and Samantha Akkineni hosts it. The creative director for the talk show is B. V. Nandini Reddy, the executive producer is Kishore Poluru, and the producers are FazilaAllana and Kamna Menezes. R. Divakaran has handled the cinematography of the talk show, and Raja Sekhar handles the editing. This is the second talk show that Samantha Akkineni is hosting after hosting the Telugu reality television series Bigg Boss 4.

This show had premiered on November 13th, 2020, and it was streamed on the best Telugu platform for web series, reality series, and films, AHA. However, it was decided by Allu Arvind that the talk show would get launched in early 2020, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the show launch had to be postponed. Finally, in November, the show was re-announced and launched, and the press had come to know about Samantha Akkineni being the host for the show.

This has created quite a sensation on the internet because everyone had already witnessed Samantha’s hosting ability in Bigg Boss. So why finally, when the first episode streamed on AHA, it was very well received by the audiences. The first guest was Vijay Devarakonda, one of the most reputed Indian actors and producers in the Telugu film industry. He had come to the talk show and spoken about his personal life, which was very interesting as celeb gossip. On November 27th, Samantha welcomed Rana Daggubati and Nag Ashwin to her talk show.

This was quite interesting for fans of Rana because they got to know more about him personally. He spoke about his health issues, and Ashwin spoke about his directing and writing challenges for the film Mahanati. The third episode of Sam Jam was about sportspeople, so the audience got to know more about SainaNehwal and ParupalliKashyap, renowned badminton players from India. Sudheer, who is India’s first flute box, was also welcomed to perform on the stage.

Every episode has different guests and activities, so if you do not watch shows online like Sam Jam on the OTT platform, you miss out on many good shows.