A Guide on the Best Braking Kits You Can Buy

The first necessary thing to make a vehicle road ready is installing a proper braking system in the vehicle. Wondering what the definition of a proper braking system is? If yes, then here it is – a proper braking system has rust proof braking pads and high performance rotors and calipers that support a smooth motion and provide a jerk-free stoppage. 

That said, let’s now take you through a list of 3 amazing brake kits that have all the qualities to make your vehicle road ready and safe to drive. 

  1. The Black XD Brake Kit

Your search for a high performance braking system for a heavy muscle vehicle will most certainly end with this braking kit that is built on the Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula. The stunning features that this one has are listed below for your reference. Have a look at them before you buy this one. 

  • The body of the shims is made of stainless steel that’s electroplated. All these precautions are practiced to avoid the buildup of rust. Another benefit of premium quality stainless steel is that it helps in proper heat dissipation. 
  • The rotors are electroplated too and the purpose is the same – protection from rust. 
  • The braking pads offer smooth motion against the motion of the wheels. As a result, the car fully stops the minute pressure is applied on the brakes. 

Also, the rotors and braking pads are speed sensitive. 

  1. The Black Kote Brake Kit

This braking kit at Crossdrilledrotors.ca offers the following benefits that makes it one of the best products in Canada. 

  • It is a blend of many vanes that are designed just for the purpose of heat dissipation. 
  • The brake rotors are electroplated. Hence, it is highly corrosion resistant. 

Also, the brake pads are high quality parts that bring the vehicle to complete stoppage without making any noise. 

  1. G3000 Brake Kit

One of the best braking kits in Canada, this one is designed while keeping regular cars in mind. It’s designed with the following features. 

  • The brake pads have a semi metallic body that can fight rust and corrosion very well on a daily basis.
  • They have mill balanced edges so that the weight of the vehicle is properly held. 


  • The purpose of a braking system isn’t just stopping the vehicle but stopping it quickly and fully, as soon as the brakes pedals are pressed. 
  • High quality rotors and braking pads are designed to dissipate heat in order to reduce the risk of thermal cracking. 

What about Motorcycle Brakes?

Whilst this article has focused on performance brakes for your car, there are also a number of similar performance packages you can get for your motorbike. Check out this helpful guide that provides clues that your motorcycle brakes are on the way out and may need to be replaced – a perfect excuse to upgrade them to higher performance items.