Why do smart people watch TV shows?

It is impossible to imagine modern media culture without TV programs that are based on entertainment. Over the past few years, television has been accused of degradation – it has been flooded with entertainment programs that tend to be superficial. Scientific and educational projects are mainly broadcast well after midnight and are briefly delayed in TV broadcasting. Despite this, the quality of entertainment programs is increasing year by year as well as the rating.

After a big failure, life gets better

Many TV shows presented here http://tvtopshows.com creates such an atmosphere where the moral and physical pressure on the participant just rolls over. This is especially evident in the talent show, in every episode you need to prove your uniqueness and demonstrate new skills. Contestants get lost, do not know what to focus on better, and show poor results. Frustrated judges threaten to kick them out, and in the next episode, a miracle happens – the participants do a great job and go to the final. Familiar situation, right?

Everyone has their own tragedy

The more you get to know people, the more you understand, no matter what social class they belong to, everyone has their own story. And it is framed by unhappy love, health problems, or psychological trauma. Of course, all TV shows try to reveal the details and secrets of the participants’ personal tragedy as much as possible, but in addition to curiosity, the viewer also awakens sympathy.

Don’t be afraid to be funny

Often at castings, projects are not models with irresistible appearance, which seemed logical to us, but those who chatter incessantly at the camera or constantly get into stupid situations. They are not afraid to put on an awkward hat, joke about their appearance, and smile with all thirty-two uneven teeth. Notice how quickly viewers fall in love with these members.