5 Moments When Captain America’s Life Is In Danger

As one of Marvel’s most responsible superheroes, Captain America has saved countless lives. In so many battles against the forces of evil, Captain America is not always unharmed. Here please come with me to see a few dangerous moments.


The first “death” of Steve Rogers occurred in 1964 in the Avengers, when he first joined the Avengers. Although he had lived through World War II and the Red Skull before that, he had never really died. He ended his life as a hero after being thrown out of a plane that exploded over the Atlantic Ocean by Baron Zemo. Thanks to the super serum, otherwise he would have died long ago during those 20 years of being frozen at the bottom of the ocean.


As Rogers prepares to meet up with Director Nick, he finds himself caught in a trap set by Hydra and is ambushed by a Hydra robot. But he thought of an escape to the water, took off the mask and uniform so that others mistakenly thought he was dead. In fact, the world knew that Steve Rogers is Captain America, he wanted to change this fact, so he came up with a way to fake his death. He wanted to convey that Captain America is not a person, but a symbol.


This is the first real death of Steve Rogers. In the Kovac saga, Kovac was afraid that the Avengers would eventually turn on himself, so he simply struck first. He took out all the members of the Avengers, including Captain America. Kovac then resurrected everyone because he didn’t want people to think he was evil.


Captain America and the others were first killed once by the Beyonder. After being resurrected, Captain America took on Dr. Doom, who has the power of Beyonder. This time, his Captain America Costume couldn’t protect him either. The ending is predictable, this time, Captain America died 2 times.


“If he gets his hands on all six Stones, Tony…”

“He could destroy life on a scale hitherto undreamt of.”

―Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange

As they said, Thanos came with his Infinity Gauntlet! The power of this gauntlet can destroy the world. It is so shootable that people will think of Infinity Gauntlet as soon as they see Thanos. So it has become a necessary prop for many people to choose his Cosplay Costumes. The gauntlet makes the Thanos into a god. People likes Thanos so hungry for power, what will they do when suddenly get the power of the Infinity Gauntlet? Of course is to kill everyone. Although the comics do not clearly indicate that Captain America died, but he took a blow from the exterminator, it is estimated that it is difficult to survive.

We must admit that it’s hard to balance the difference between serving your country as your conscience demands and following the orders of one’s commanding officers. In these battles, you will have moments like lack of power, so it is inevitable that you will be injured or even die. But no matter what difficulties you encounter, please remember what Captain America taught us—- Don’t be afraid and never give up!