7 pointers for selecting the perfect kitchen countertop material

Among the many considerations for your remodeling project, countertops deserve more attention. This is because kitchen countertops are often used extensively and serve as work space for culinary tasks. The good news is there is no dearth of options when it comes to materials. In Montreal, check for options at Granite au Sommet kitchen countertops. In thos post, we are sharing the 7 pointers that deserve your consideration. 

  1. Durability. You would want the kitchen countertops to be durable enough to avoid replacement for the next decade at the least. Your best picks include quartz, marble, and granite. Quartz is actually more durable than granite. 
  2. Aesthetics. Ensure that the choice of your countertop material works with the rest of the interiors. Think of aspects like the flooring, backsplash, and other details, which will eventually define the theme of the kitchen. 
  3. Maintenance. With countertops, it is best to look for easy maintenance. Natural stones, such as marble and granite, are great as far as durability is concerned, but these are also porous, which means you have to spend on annual sealing. For other materials, the maintenance costs are likely to be higher. 
  4. Cost. Some countertop materials are more expensive than others. If you want to think of countertops as an investment, go for quartz. We also suggest to get estimates for preferred materials, so that you can work on your budget accordingly.
  5. Installation. Quartz and most natural stones for countertops tend to be heavy, which means you need a strong base for the installation. Also, these are materials that need professional installation, so the cost of ownership does increase. 
  6. Uniformity. If you want two countertops to look the same, go for materials like quartz or stainless steel. Granite and marble are mined from nature, and therefore, often two slabs may not look the same. 
  7. Other properties. At the least, countertops need to be heat and stain resistant. Make sure that you check these aspects when you compare choices. Quartz, for example, may not be a great choice for exterior kitchens as it doesn’t do well in withstanding direct sunlight. 

Finally, talk to a good supplier to check the options. A good countertop material is one that works well for your kitchen and speaks to you. Aesthetic appeal is an important factor, but the other aspects listed above are as important for your investment in the long run. Ask for samples and estimates to compare better.