Sizing Your Sunglasses: A Brief Guide

Apart from the idea that you can try a wide array of shades, we can help you determine the best approach to determine whether a particular pair will fit your face or not.

Of course, you should know that some tricks will work and help you determine which style and frames will compliment your size and shape.

You should know that sunglasses are more significant in most cases than regular eyeglasses, but you can calculate the measurement the same way.

How to Determine Whether Sunglasses are Too Big?

You should know that sunglasses can be too oversized for your face, which will make you look unappealing in general. Therefore, they will start to fall off your face and slide down your nose, which will make them feel problematic.

Keep in mind that frames should tilt slightly forward, which means that the top should be of the frame while the bottom should be closer to your face. At the same time, they should align with your eyes horizontally, which is a vital consideration to remember.

You can create this test by smiling, which will help you determine whether glasses will rub against your cheeks or not.

At the same time, your eyes should be at the centre of your lens, while the temple arms should slightly rest on your face. In case your eyes are more apart from a nosepiece, it means that they are too large for your face size. You can find a wide array of brands like the Cutler And Gross Sunglasses that offer sizes and frames, which will help you get everything you wanted in the first place.

It would be best to remember that nose pads should be comfortable on both sides of your nose, which will prevent slipping down as you change head position.

In case your shades slide down your face after slight movement, it means they are too large for your head.

How to Determine Whether Nose Pads Fit Your Face?

When it comes to nose pads, you should know that they should sit on both sides of your nose. At the same time, they should not slip down as you move your head from one side to another.

Generally, sunglasses should avoid creating marks in your noise, which signifies that you have too tight nose pads, and you should adjust them based on your preferences.

You can slightly pull apart or push them together to adjust your sunglasses or visit an optician or someone who can help you fix them without causing permanent damage.

Another important consideration is to determine whether a bridge width can fit your nose correctly. If you notice a gap between your shades and nose, you should measure eyeglass afterward.

We recommend you to do it horizontally, from the top of a bridge. It means from one edge lens to other, which should be between fourteen and twenty-four.

In case you have plastic shades that are too tight or loose, you should choose different frames that come with a suitable bridge.

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That way, you can prevent marks on your nose. The easiest way to get the perfect measurement is by visiting an optician to determine the best course of action you should take.