Choosing the Best Pet Door for Your Home

There is absolutely no doubt that the addition of a pet door provides a sense of freedom for pet parents and independence for pets. In addition, people who have an pet door installed in their home have the added assurance and comfort in knowing that they are far less likely to have to contend with stains from urine or feces on their carpeting, rugs or other types of flooring, because pets have the convenience of going outside when they need to. For most pet parents, adding a pet door to their home is a no-brainer, but selecting the right door for their home often proves to be a more dubious task. Here are some things to consider when choosing a pet door.

Multi-Species Family

It is not uncommon to find both cats and dogs living under one roof. People have proven over the years that cats and dogs can live perfectly well under one roof. When it comes to choosing a dog door, pet owners have to be mindful of their surroundings, and consider the needs of both pets. Cats are curious creatures, and for sure they are never going to be outdone by a canine. If a dog is going to use a pet door, so is a cat, that is a given.

The thing that pet parents have to consider is the safety of both pets. If their yards are securely enclosed so that their cat, who by the way is a skilled escape artist can’t get out, then sliding glass door panels or generally any type of installed pet door would work well for their home. However, most people tend to have fenced in yards, which are literally tailor made in terms of felines and the mischief they can find to get into. 

Electronic Pet Doors

Electronic pet doors are the best option for pet owners who have both a cat and a dog in their home. Pet parents and their pets can be certain that they are affording their pets both the security they deserve and the safety they need. Electronic pet doors work for multi-species homes because pet parents can choose which pets can use the dog door. Sensors, which are placed on pets, is what initiates the entrance or the exit of the pet. There are some models of electronic doors that are programmable, and work with the microchips that are already placed in pets to help their owners find them if they get lost.

In addition to keeping pets safe, electronic pet doors also offer a couple of other advantages. Pet owners who own cats, know how much they love to bring their owners presents. Electronic pet doors will help ensure that pet owners will be less likely to have their cats bring in unwanted gifts like mice, birds and whatever else a cat deems an appropriate gift for their owner. People who are contemplating installing a pet door also have concerns about stray or wild animals getting into their homes. Electronic pet doors keep out raccoons and other unwanted visitors.