Closeup of car mechanic repairing brake pads

All You Need to Know About Directional Brake Pads

To control the noise, vibration, and harshness that are produced during the process of brake application in cars, manufacturers and engineers have developed relatively new asymmetrical directional brake pads that work by exerting pressure at a certain angle to the brake disc. 

Directional brake pads are mainly of two types: Chamfer directional brake pads or Crescent cut-out directional brake pads. They give the same high performance as any brake pads with the added benefit of a quieter and smoother braking system. 

The two types of directional brake pads

  • Chamfer directional Brake Pads: As the name suggests; the chamfer directional brake pads use a transitional surface also known as a chamfer between the sharp two edges of the friction surface. This helps to lower the noise of the braking system as the chamfer prevents the leading edge of the pad from the disc brake. The chamfer is installed at the leading edge where the brake pads first contact the brake disc. 
  • Crescent Cut-out Directional Brake pads: Crescent cut-out directional braking pads, as its name suggests cuts a crescent shape from the reduction shim of the braking plate, which reduces and dampens the vibration in the brake pad. It also acts like a thermal barrier which helps to provide an even temperature throughout the brake pads for consistent performance. The desired angle is achieved as the cut-out allows the piston to push the brake pad in that angle which reduces the noise. 

Where can you find directional brake pads for your car? 

There are many places from where you can get the desired directional brake pads for your car but mainly people like to buy them from their car’s manufacturers. Places where you can get directional brake pads are-

  • Your car manufacturer: This is the safest choice when it comes to choosing directional brake pads for your vehicle as the manufacturer will have the exact thing that you will need. 
  • Local auto shop: You can get customized directional brake pads from any trusted local auto shop that has a technician that can inspect and evaluate the kind of brake pads you need. 
  • Online auto shop: Many online auto-shop nowadays have directional brake pads in their inventory and can also provide you with an expert technician to inspect your vehicle. brakes and brake pads are of high quality and are designed to last long.