An easy guide for choosing between monitor wall mounts 

Whether you own a big flat-screen for home-entertainment, or have multiple monitors on your desk, a wall amount could be a great investing. Mounting your monitor to the wall has certain advantages that are hard to ignore. Firstly, you can free up space on your desk, which gives more room for other things. Secondly, you have the monitor on an adjustable level. Most mounts and arms allow the user to adjust the viewing angles as needed. The good news is you can find options for almost all types and sizes of monitors. For instance, check for PrimeCables monitor wall mounts for some amazing designs. This post is dedicated to comparing monitor wall mounts and how you can find the right one. 

Things to look in a monitor wall mount

  1. Weight capacity. You need a mount that can hold your monitor securely in place. For that, the weight capacity and size of the wall mount are key aspects to consider. Also, do check if an arm will be compatible with the monitor you own (VESA compliance). 
  2. Installation. Do you have enough space to install the mount? What are the installation requirements? Consider if the monitor mount must be installed professionally, which does add to the cost. 
  3. Adjustment. A good monitor mount should allow the user to move the screen horizontally and otherwise, so that the viewing angles can be adjusted for maximum comfort. For work purposes, this could be a primary factor for choice. Go for a monitor mount that allows for maximum adjustment. 
  4. Quality. Arms and mounts should be compared on quality too. You wouldn’t want to spend a monitor mount again in near future, so the construction and material used will matter. 
  5. Price. Once you have considered the basics, the next step is to compare mounts based on the price. Keep in mind that monitor mounts that can hold multiple screens can be more expensive.

Where to buy monitor mounts?

Your best bet for buying budget monitor mounts is a web store. Online vendors have a wide range of mounts and arms on offer, and they often have amazing discounts and deals on their own products. A top-rated monitor mount may cost a tad more, but that amount is worth paying in the long run. 

Installing monitor wall mounts should be easy. Do check if the mount can be mounted on the type of wall you have (most mounts are designed for drywalls).