Makeup Brushes: Less is More, How to Manage with the Least Number of Brushes

Gone were the days when applying makeup using your hands was a thing. In recent times, the craze of makeup brushes is taking over the beauty segment by storm. There is a separate brush available for every specific makeup product. One can discover an array of brushes for applying foundation, eye-shadow, loose powder, concealer, blusher, eyeliner, highlighter, and many more.

However, buying a whole host of makeup brushes isn’t practical or pocket-friendly for everyone. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a full makeup brush kit to achieve a flawless makeup finish. You can do your makeup with ease with a minimal number of brushes. If you are wondering how, pay attention to the following tips:

Consider the Utility of Makeup Brushes

Corresponding with the endless range of cosmetics online and offline, there are around sixteen different types of makeup brushes. While makeup tutorials have you believe that you need every single one of them to nail your look to perfection, it can be a tedious task to use and maintain them. Adhering to the principle of “less is more” can ease your job. For this, you have to understand the utility of each type of makeup brush and then shortlist the ones that you actually need.

Assess Your Requirements for Makeup Brushes

Before purchasing makeup brushes, it is crucial to consider your requirements. For example, if you prefer to apply eye shadow or a blusher using your fingers, then you would not need a brush for that. Similarly, if you use a beauty blender for applying foundation and concealer, then there is no point in buying two separate brushes for it.

While you have the option of buying a complete set of makeup brushes, it is not an affordable option. Besides, what is the point of having an assortment of tools you’d never or rarely use. So instead, figure out what type of brushes are of good use to you and buy only those.

Make a Choice: Beginner or Professional

Typically, 3 to 4 makeup brushes are more than sufficient for entire face makeup for beginners. On the other hand, professionals might require 7 to 8 makeup brushes in their vanity kit. If you are a newbie or an amatuer who likes to experiment with DIY makeup ideas, then get a flat eyeshadow brush, blush or powder or bronzer brush, and a crease brush, along with a makeup sponge for foundation and concealer.

Contrary to this, professionals would need the following brushes:

  • A thin pencil brush
  • Dual-sided lip brush
  • A brush for concealer
  • Flat brush for eyeliner
  • A brush for blush, powder, or bronzer
  • Brush for eyebrow filling
  • Slightly thick crease brush
  • Thick and flat eyeshadow brush


A limited selection of makeup brushes is good enough to aid you in taking the makeup skills a notch higher. Do not forget to include a makeup remover brush to the list to make wiping off all the makeup at the end of the day easier. Most importantly, clean all the makeup brushes once every fifteen days to maintain good hygiene and prevent breakouts.