BBQs 2u Offers A New Deal for Kamado Joe Oven

BBQs 2u is a well-known name for the people of the UK for delivering delicious grill foods and pizzas. This has been their family business for the last few decades and they have got complete mastery in preparing barbeques and other grilled foods.

Now BBQs 2u has started selling the ovens of a few international brands like Kamado JoeNapoleon barbecue andOoni Pizza, etc. Now onwards, people in the UK can buy all these ovens and also their spares from BBQs 2u and along with few tips to prepare delicious barbeque foods.

If anybody needs to upgrade your Kamado Joe may contact BBQs 2u directly and get the necessary service. Kamado Joe grills are among the greatest in the barbeque industry, and many of their parts are covered by a lifetime warranty.

So, if any customers in the UK have an older Kamado Joe model that is still going strong, they will be delighted to know that they can upgrade some pieces to keep up with the new cooks. Everything the owners of the pastKamado Joe model need to know about upgrading may be found in the upgrade guide below.

The KamadoClassic I, II, and III are now available from Kamado Joe, marking the third iteration of this series.

Classic I versus Classic II

The difference between the Classic I model and the Classic II model isnot too many, the ceramic body will be very similar.  However, the main differences will be in the designs of the following:

  • Chimney Vent–Now the new models of both Classic I and Classic II model’s Kontrol Tower Top Vent will be made with cast aluminium that will be powder coated so that they can withstand the British weather much better. These models will be more resistant to mould and water and also will be easy to clean.
  • Gasket–Now the new models will have a much better airtight seal, where the material with more lifespan will be used.
  • Lid Hinge–In the new model, the “Air light Hinge”, which was a patented lid system that has been improved massively so that now it will be easier to lift and the ceramic body will not be compromised.
  • Firebox– This has been further improved to withstand better under temperature variation.

Classic II versus Classic III

Improvements have been made to the cooking system and now it will have another cooking level on the third tier. This will offer a 50% more cooking area so that more foods can be cooked at once for feeding many hungry guests.

Together with professionals of Harvard University, Kamado Joe hasnow developed the newsmoking system called “SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber”.  This improvement has resulted in improved smoke circulation inside the ceramic body.

A team of people has jointly studied the airflow mechanism within theseKamado Joe ovens and now developed a few curved materials for distributing the smoke around, up, and into the food instead of just going from its intake vent straight to its top vent.

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