Different Ways To Remove The Callus By A Podiatrist.

Why should calluses be treated?

Calluses and corns are painful. This can range from tiny discomfort to a major pain. This pain emerges because of the pressure on the soft underlying tissue found under the corn and callus. The rubbing or pressure that is the reason for corn and callus pushes on the tissue, which is hardened.

Also, people with health issues like diabetes, poor circulation, or other serious illness should get their feet checked.

The treatment:

The pain and discomfort is caused when the hardened tissue is pressed into the soft part under the foot, and the best way to get rid of the corn and callus is to remove both –

  • The reason for the pressure
  • The hardened tissue

How does the podiatrist remove calluses?

There area number of people who develop one or more calluses on the feet. The thick layer of the skin is calluses.The area of thick skin is used as protection for the inner part of the feet, which gets affected each time a person runs, jumps, or moves a step.

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Which calluses should be removed?

Considering removing the calluses by a podiatrist is also related to which calluses should be removed by the specialist. Having a tiny callus can be reversed by replacing worn out shoes or switching shoes with the ones with a better heel and ball foot support. A callusthat is larger in size than a dime that leads to pain or is ulcerated should be removed.

·       Removal of calluses with the use of a surgical blade

Using a sterile surgical blade is the primary method used by a podiatrist to remove calluses. Slowly using all the professional methods, the podiatrist moves the blade across the area where the calluses are present. The layer of dead skin is removed with each passing of the blade as it gets deeper.

After the layer of the dead skin is completely removed and live skin gets uncovered the podiatrist will stop. Using a pumice stone, the edges of calluses will be smoothed, which enhances the patient’s comfort.

·       Trimming of calluses using an electric tool

Few professionals use an electric tool that is similar to an electric razor. These types of tools include multiple thin blades, which are quite flexible to use.This can easily glide across the skin. The podiatrist mostly chooses this tool to treat patients with calluses on the side of a toe or the one that is wrapped around the back of the heel.

·       Callus removal using a Scalpel

When there is a crack in the callus or it starts to ulcerate, the podiatrist will have to do the needful by removing the infection underneath the dead skin. In situations like this, the podiatrist numbs the spot with a local anesthetic injection. The surgical scalpel is used for removal of the callus and the infected tissue.

This process of removal is used for patients with diabetes who didn’t notice a crack in the callus on their feet. It may also be used for the removal of callus, which is present in between the toes. An injection of cortisone is given to reduce inflammation and pain in the area that is affected. Callus removal Irvine has well equipped clinic and experienced professionals, so patients can be sure of getting the best treatment for their condition.

Surgery for callus removal

A patient with advanced diabetes or circulatory disorder will need a surgery to remove the callus. Callus that is deep may need to use this technique for the removal. Podiatrists use this procedure for outpatients. Having a regular check-up with the professionals for corn removal Orange County can help with proper healing of the foot.

Thingsto know about calluses

  • Callus is a thick patch of skin present on your body.
  • Tyloma or keratoma are the medical names of callus
  • The development of callus is common on feet. Especially on the spot that deals with your body weight the most like for example,the ball of the foot, heel, or the sole.
  • Calluses are painless, butit can be hard to wear shoes, walk, stand or run comfortably with a callus.
  • Calluses can be caused because of friction, poor footwear, and standing for a long time.

Experts can treat you to manage adequately and provide treatment to get rid of this problem with proper medication and tips, which will help you to get rid of it permanently.