Here’s What You Need to Do In Case of a House Fire

House fires are no doubt a nightmare that no one ever wants to encounter. There are various reasons for one to happen. That said, most house fires, usually happen because of a short circuit.

A power surge or spike is more than often the culprit that leads to a short circuit. If you are living in a house built before the 1980s, your house wiring probably is old and not able to withstand a surge in electricity.

Modern households tend to have new wiring in place, which usually has the ability to handle small power surges. However, that doesn’t mean there’s a zero percent chance of a house fire happening.

Prevention should always be the first priority in all instances. In order to prevent a house fire from causing serious damage, you need to have tips and tricks that will come in handy during a house fire.

Nevertheless, fires can be disastrous, and it’s necessary to stay cautious because it takes just a few seconds for a house fire to turn into a life-threatening disaster. This is why it’s important to know what should be done when a house fire happens.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you during a house fire.

Get the Fire Extinguisher

It’s common for homeowners to have a fire alarm in the house, as it’s a lifesaver tool. If you were to hear the fire alarm go off, you should never ignore it, even if you feel it may have been a false alarm.

Immediately go for the fire extinguisher as it’s a one-stop fire preventive measure. This particular act will help you curb the fire instantly, but if for some reason this effort seems to be abortive even after using the extinguisher, it’s wise to leave the premises immediately.

Fire extinguishers are vital and should be installed in every home. Moreover, a lot of people overlook the fact that perhaps the extinguisher is no longer useable, thus, make sure yoru fire extinguisher is in working condition, if not, have it replaced ASAP.

Invest in a Smart Smoke Detector

Smart home devices are becoming more and more common in every household. When it comes to home fires, and fire alarms, the most effective form of alarm would be a smart smoke detector.

A smart smoke detector has some very helpful features that a traditional smoke detector doesn’t. The best feature of a smart smoke detector is the fact that it sends updates and real-time alerts to your smartphone.

Moreover, you don’t have to be near the detector or at home to be able to receive updates, as it has a remote access feature. No matter where you are, and if there’s slight smoke around the smoke detector, it not only raises an alarm but also informs you, so that if you’re away, you can alert your local fire department at the earliest possible time.

Some smart smoke detectors also have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, which help detect this harmful gas, even if there’s no fire. You should definitely consider investing in a smart smoke detector if you want to make sure you never have to deal with disastrous house fires.

Leave Your Valuables Behind

It’s understandably human instinct to want to save our valuables in case of a house fire. However, this may be the biggest mistake when a house fire is happening. When in a fire, you should beer delay to locate the best possible escape route from the house to just find your valuables.

You could always choose to let the fire safety officers know when they arrive that your valuables are in a specific location inside the house, so that they may help you.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Now the one thing that we are always advised upon is to stop, drop and roll when there’s a house fire. If your clothes, unfortunately, caught fire, never run, instead, drop to the ground and rollover your back to get rid of the fire.

Always crawl and remain as close as possible to the ground to make sure you are safe from the high temperature, and the smoke from the fire. Make sure to stay low until you have escaped the burning house.

Safety Evacuation Spot

After your evacuation from the burning house, meet the rest of your family members in a location that was predetermined and remains there until everyone else in the household has been safely evacuated. By doing so, fire officers would know who exactly is still in the house.


Fires are perhaps the scariest thing, as they cause a lot of damage as well as severe injuries and even death. Always remember the above-mentioned tips and stay call and make sure to call for help promptly.