Got Injured at Work in Virginia? These Are The Benefits You Can Get!

Thousands of injuries occur at the workplace, out of which many of them are severe and even fatal sometimes. Besides injuring you and causing physical complications, it also affects your source of income and mental health. Therefore, to protect workers and help them get back on their feet, Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation commission offers financial compensation for the injured workers. Moreover, it also covers the lost income due to your injury. 

If you are unsure about the law, the ultimate guide to workers’ compensation in Virginia will help you know all the vital aspects of the compensation laws in simpler language and help you make better decisions. 

What are the benefits you can claim under Workers’ compensation?

If you sustain an injury at the workplace, you are entitled to receive a few benefits, which are as follows. 

  • Medical coverage. 

The injury and the treatment that follows can put a financial burden on you. Therefore, the workers’ compensation benefits cover all your medical expenses related to your injury. Different medical benefits include: 

  • Costs of doctor’s appointments. 
  • Costs of all the medical diagnoses and testings for the injury. 
  • All the medicine and medical aid costs. 
  • Any prosthetic device (if needed). 
  • Physical therapy costs for recovery. 

  • Temporary Disability Benefits. 

Many work-related injuries need time to heal, which prevents the worker from getting back to work. Under temporary disability benefits, your loss of income for the number of days you missed your work due to your injury can be covered. The average earning figure is decided on various criteria. Additionally, the figure will vary depending on whether you are facing a temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD). 

  • Permanent disability benefits. 

Under the permanent disability benefits, workers who are unable to join back work due to their injury are compensated. The permanent disability benefit can be classified into two categories -permanent partial disability benefit (PPD) and permanent total disability benefit (PTD). Based on which category your injuries fall in, you will be entitled to get benefits. 

  • Death 

Some injuries at work can be fatal and leave the family members with emotional and financial stress. Under Virginia’s workers’ compensation, the family members of the dead worker are entitled to get compensation for all the expenses. These include burial expenses, transportation expenses, and financial compensation for the future lost wages to the dependent. 

If you or your loved ones face work-related injury, contact a lawyer to know your rights and get fair compensation to avoid financial pressure taking a toll on you.