The Best Known Benefits of Investing on Screened T-Shirts

If you have gone through a shirt screen shop (ร้านสกรีนเสื้อ, which is the term in Thai) recently, then you might have known what screened t-shirts or screened printing is. Shirt screen printing originated in China between 960-1279 AD. While in India, it originated in the 4th century BC and 3000 BC in Egypt. Irrespective of its invention, shirt screening print became an applauded concept only in the 18th century after it because easier to import silk mesh from East to Europe.

However, in today’s world screened shirt printing is being ordered in bulk and forms the crux of the textile printing process.

Why Go for Screen Printing Shirts?

Screen Printing Involves Vibrant Designs

When you order screened t-shirts, you access more vibrant and cheerful colours that aren’t easy to duplicate with other techniques of printing. The images for shirt screens are created with the help of techniques like DTG or direct to the garment which involves the use of thinners like black, yellow, and cyan dots. This technique proves effective for intricate details.

Screen Printing Includes Unrivalled Efficiency

Shirt screen printing is one of the efficient forms. The process involving screen printing is one of the quickest as well when compared with other techniques of garment printing. There are many screen printings machines which are capable of printing thousand plus t-shirts in an hour.

You Can Bulk Order Screen Printing

The shirt screen shop sources customisable screened t-shirts from reputable manufacturers that own the same quantity of setup for the customisation of shirts; be it for one shirt or several thousand t-shirts. The more you order screened t-shirts (สั่ง เสื้อ ยืด สกรีน, term in Thai) the lesser you have to pay per item because the costs of setup go down with the increment of production volume.

Screen Printing Boasts of a Large Variety

Screen printing inks are available in various types that give way for multiple effects and textures. Several machines are designed to work large screens to cover a large area. And this is what paves way for customisation routes for all the customers.

Screen Printing Shirts Are Long Lasting

Thanks to the ink’s natural composition, the constructed designs with the help of screen printing can stand the test of time and withstand stress without jeopardising its image or colour quality.

Now that you know all the benefits of investing in a screened shirt, time to place your order from a shirt screen shop nearby. The shops selling screened t-shirts boast a good variety and offer complete customisation.